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  1. What I tell my students is I can't just give them hundreds in the grade book. I actually have to prove it with admin that you actually earned it. Give me something to show admin proudly.

  2. Anytime from a loved one. My heart melts when he does it in public, it's reassuring.

  3. I actually am surrounded by idiots and a-holes. Growing up, kids would pick on me. I just thought that people are like that until I got older I realized how messed up my neighborhood was.

  4. Give food and hear them out. It works for anyone but I usually get more honesty with men with way in my school.

  5. Not me, my SO apologies everytime he sneezes. I find it weird but his parents would get mad at him for sneezing. God forbid he gets sick because he always tries to make himself useful when he should really be resting.

  6. Whenever you go to a place, always try to leave it better than when you saw it. Whether it's literally, mentally, or spiritually is up to you.

  7. According to the rotten tomatoes, The Road to El Dorado apparently. I don't get why, it's a good movie.

  8. Not at all. Being a teacher, you gotta keep your distance to stay sane in this day and age.

  9. People place distance between who they are and the lies that they tell. People lie to themselves and others to preserve their self-image. Admin doesn't WANT to believe it.

  10. You are doing the best that you can. Musical instruments require breathing into instruments a certain way. Even if you wipe down instruments, it's literally in the air. Sure do be careful but don't beat yourself up for it.

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