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  1. Not necessarily my hometown but my tribe. It was founded by a prince who was the son of a king from another tribe, when his father named him heir to the throne the young prince became the target of his family’s wrath and after running away he gathered the fragmented villages of his mothers kin to form the empire it has become today.

  2. My hometown was founded in the mid 1700s. Two wealthy warriors came from what is now Abia state to what is now Imo state to expand their slave trading business. They invaded a previously existing town, took over it, and set it up as a slave trading hub.

  3. The best advice I can offer is don't hold back. Whatever personal flair you want to incorporate: do it. You're making a safe space to indulge in your gaming so make it all about YOU. Unless you are just throwing something together to just snap some pics and get some upvotes, that is another matter I guess. Make it functional. Make it efficient. But make it all about you.

  4. Highly doubt that. Reddit's general political lean means you'll be praised. It's anyone who supports her who will be banned.

  5. Twice. But only one was genuine. The other was that fake positivity compliment us women tend to give each other.

  6. The fact I'm sitting here trying to remember and yet not able to come up with anything....

  7. Non-Black women are mad. There’s nothing offensive about a Black guy liking and preferring Black women, lol. It’s never that offensive to say what type of person you’re into. It’s not like he said that he hates other races. I lol’d at comments asking him to explore “why this is.”

  8. That post was annoying. They’ve clearly never talked to a victim of sexual assault

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