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  1. Honestly I don't hate the skin. It just shows you who was stupid enough to buy it and thinks it makes them a better player.

  2. That he isn't Batman but more someone trying to be Batman. Still love these films though

  3. Me and my girlfriend went in there a couple of months back. I was able to score a massive vhs collection basically mint, other than that its just stacks of books to the ceiling (at the time). Only thing I had heard was the dude just kept collecting books and not selling them.

  4. Get Pizza Pizza and support local Stores. Plus Pizza Pizza is waaaaay better

  5. They either are trash at it or don't want to reciprocate. I know a dude who refuses but demands "chicks" give head because "They are suppose too" lmao

  6. Gun play is atrocious, you can barely see what you're shooting at. Also how am I getting head shots but yet still being killed by torso shots. Inconsistent

  7. Ya there's a glitch with the download where it tells you its fully done when it actually isn't lol happened to me like a week after it came out

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