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  1. Calab was the one who fell in love with Evelyn and the older brother. Philip was the younger brother who killed Calab.

  2. I know; what I mean is that I’m an older brother as well, so if my younger brother did that, I would never let it go

  3. He looks like Belos when he entered the Boiling Isles

  4. I don’t know. It’s just a gut feeling; I get a pretentious rich kid vibe from her. I don’t know what she’s really like in real life. Maybe she is passionate, kind person. It’s just really a feeling that I needed to get out.

  5. But yeah I guess it’s my fault for jumping to conclusions too quickly

  6. not sure who they are but going by looks alone i'd say the wouldn't survive a whole day.

  7. These guys are from the hangover; trust me when I say you should watch it sometime

  8. Have you heard any of the Lauren Babic covers? Quite left field, but I'm also super proud. Check her out if you've never.

  9. Eda would be hella for it. Fact, she likely listens to it as she gets earth stuff.

  10. This is both cute and sweet. Feels like something the two would just discuss about in the middle of their day.

  11. The coven heads go full-on herogasm when the Emporer is away

  12. Potions Coven Head looks like Walter White under the hat and the mask.

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