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  1. Is your baby generally a good sleeper?

  2. Yes, it’s his superpower. That and being a meatball.

  3. OMG this is such a cute picture!! 🥰🥰 Is that the babyletto mini crib? :') I loved ours. Baby girl grew out of it at around 10 months and I really mourned the loss of it.

  4. It’s the babyletto 3 in 1. At least that’s what the boss tells me 😂

  5. I have both arms out because he self soothes by sucking on his hands. Should I try putting arms back in?

  6. We use this technique and get 11+ hour stretches:

  7. How old was your LO when he went to the crib?? My husband is ready to be done with the SNOO but I’m not so sure. Ours is 2.5 mo right now.

  8. 4 months we made the switch. We’re going on vacation with the LO in June and needed him fully transitioned to the crib by then.

  9. Glad to see you let the Snoo do it’s thing. You’re on track for restful nights, start the course :)

  10. An underrated aspect of the Snoo: It reeeeally helps with putting them down “drowsy but awake”, which helps exercise the baby’s ability to eventually be able to link up sleep cycles. This is our third baby but first Snoo and I’d say that’s my favorite aspect of it! In addition to the safety/peace of mind.

  11. A million times worth it. LO has been sleeping straight through the night constantly since 6 weeks old. I’m taking 10-11 hour stretches. Every. Single. Night.

  12. 5oz formula every 2/3 hours throughout the day. Last feed is always in between 9 and 930pm.

  13. Was this amount something you gradually moved to? We’re feeding our just turned 7-week old 4oz pumped breastmilk every 2-3 hrs and were told by our pediatrician that 5oz would be too much per feeding (granted that was week 5 so things might have changed since then). As of right now, he doesn’t go down in the Snoo till his last dream feed at 10:30pm, wakes once or twice (usually around 2:30 and then 4/5) and then wakes up for the day around 7am.

  14. We definitely noticed he was comfortably crushing his 4oz bottles so we bumped him up to 4.5 and then 5. He doesn’t finish it all the time but we give him the option which he seems to like having (as long as you’re ok with throwing out an ounce of formula every once in a while). One he was getting 5oz he sleep stretches got noticeably longer. Hope that helps!

  15. 131 2.5hrs 3m ice bath 1m sear both sides

  16. Throw in an extra 30 seconds brown butter bath on each side after your sear 😉

  17. Mazel Tov! My first was born in January and I haven’t stopped smiling yet 😊

  18. The most expensive was a $75 brisket that cooked much faster than expected. I made the mistake of keeping it warm which dried it out. Perfectly edible, but it went from “pretty good” to “alright.”

  19. Running out of time on a piece of meat is the worst. I feel your pain brother!

  20. I had $100 worth of Ribeyes on the grill, was drinking scotch and fell asleep… needless to say, steaks were briquettes

  21. Cooking and drinking, such a delicate dance we must do

  22. That’s a gorgeous ring but the butt is sexier 😍 Mazel Tov!

  23. Did you just put the oil and decarb bud in a ziplock?

  24. For the decarb process I vacuum sealed and for the infusion I just sealed without vacuuming out the air.

  25. And it came out fine not being completely submerged?

  26. I have a wire rack with a bar that runs across the top that keeps my bags completely submerged in my sous vide tank. It came with my tank and I got it on Amazon

  27. Every night: "not even Houdini could break out of that..."

  28. Looks like you can use about 90 seconds of brown butter basting 😎

  29. Sous vide for 2 hours at 128 degrees. Let it rest for 15 minutes before searing (so it stops cooking completely) then seared in a CI skillet on high heat with grape seed oil for minute on each side. Then, butter basted with garlic and thyme for another minute on each side. Hope that helps!

  30. Which sous vide container do you have? I have a makeshift container and need to upgrade to something a bit more legit.

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