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AITA For Having Our Dishwasher Removed?

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  1. Snowshoeing, snowboarding or skiing, winter hikes/walks, bowling, indoor golfing, Rec Room, going to the movies, paint nights, skating, going to the gym or rec centre, swimming, playing pool, rock climbing ....

  2. We are hearing it in north west Barrie as well - assumed it was bridge construction noise

  3. It looks like something from the Virtus line but I can't place the model

  4. I actually LOVE the YSL and the material as long as the price is adjusted vs the leather bags. I kind of want one now too!

  5. the YSL is $1,850 on bergdorf goodman, but it's even more on neiman marcus, $2,150. the miu miu is $2,300. do you think that's a good price adjustment for the material?

  6. I'd be ok paying $1.8k but I also got my leather loulou for close to that in Canada so it's pricey. However, that new little YSL bag you shared in the blue/green is gorgeous!

  7. I think you're going to be better off finding someone who can get you in vs the best of the best if timing is your challenge. Most hairdressers are exceptionally busy in December however maybe try calling around - I would suggest Jon Linkert salon.

  8. I got a non traditional Longchamps bag as a gift from a friend and it's one of my favourite pieces because I have never seen anyone else with it where I am from. It's also super funky and it makes me happy - so if yours made you happy who cares, the bag isn't for other people.

  9. I'm looking for a new everyday neutral crossbody. For reference, I already have a black luggage in the micro size. That being said, it's a bag I've loved for years and know I'll never get tired of. But I also love the belt style so I'm having a hard time choosing...

  10. I would have picked the luggage but since you have one, I would go belt because it's different enough but still has the same functionality

  11. It looks the closest to the Nappa Intrecciato Mini Shoulder Bag Antique Pink but that circle decoration and the chain line are not coming up

  12. I can't have kids and just made it known very early in the dating process (before even meeting up to be honest) and it was never really an issue. Sure a guy or two would admit they wanted a family and we would go our separate ways but I am currently very happy with my partner who also doesn't want kids. Kids are not the end all be all of life.

  13. Probably Sam Roberts, Trews or Tom Cochrane! All more than acceptable and super fun. My hope is for Glorious Sons or Big Wreck. Hopefully one of those with Dwayne Gretzky on the side!

  14. Dwayne is playing History in Toronto on NYE this year.

  15. Funny how the reddit of everyone clowning me has nothing business or money making related (even if they in this subreddit) and only things to waste their own n others time so no I won't be nice to ppl shitting on me for trying when they ain't doing nothing with their lives

  16. I hope you’re not planning to write copy for any of your future clients

  17. Lol what clients? They want to “run ads in a general sense, not for or from anyone specific.”

  18. I feel the Strathberry is much dressier than the second bag so I'd be choosing based on my wardrobe choices when I want to wear it. If it's more of a going to the office type of bag, SB. More of a casual wear all the time bag, I'd go #2. Then again since no one seems to recognize the brand on the second bag, if you care about that - SB again.

  19. As a woman, I’ll add my two cents. Please don’t post fishing pictures, as much as it’s a cool hobby, women constantly make fun of men who only post fishing pictures. Take the time and watch a few videos on how to get a good selfie and ask your friends to take a few when out and about, even fishing gear is fine (but sans fish) Also be honest and thorough on your Tinder, your hobbies are unique and someone will find that cool too. You said you’re not into sports but maybe try social groups for things you’re into, like games etc. I’d also try more than just Tinder. The biggest thing to be cognizant of with online is you have to talk, just giving one word answers or saying “yep” doesn’t give women anything to work with. Treat the girls online with respect and show genuine interest and you’ll be fine. Lastly make sure you’re clear on what you’re looking for, if it’s just hookups say that but if you want quality dates be honest with that too. Good luck

  20. I would call TireCraft on Paterson or KalTire, they did my run flats when I had my SRT. TC had appointments tomorrow and KalTire is Monday.

  21. Instead of spending $5 a day paying the neighbours kid to clean your dishes, why don't you just buy a second set of the kitchen items you use most often? Also you are not supposed to need to rinse so what she is doing is normal - maybe consider a smaller dishwasher or being less intense about this issue -YTA

  22. I’m not a big fan of Coach but this is a gorgeous bag and a super tempting size!

  23. I’m not for Nuttall at all but TBF he just came into power November 16th so, I don’t think we can blame him for this.

  24. I could see past maybe fudging 3-5 years but lying about 14 years? Yikes! And his reason of ageism is bullshit. The fact is HES the ageist, because his age wouldn’t be a problem for anyone 35 or older. It’s only a problem if HE only wants to date women way younger than himself. Sorry, I know you say it doesn’t bother you but him lying and his reasons for it are both huge red flags. Ignore them at your own risk.

  25. Fudging anything in a relationship is bad news. Starting out something with a lie is major red flag territory.

  26. My partners company just did this except backwards from yours. They made leases taxable benefits and buying the car new at a discount doesn't make any difference to your taxes. He made it sound like it was a newer or thing or that the costs themselves had gone way up.

  27. I totally agree with OP. It has to be the absolute worst I have ever had. For all those that say its good pizza, they have never had real pizza in their lives.

  28. Christmas music I get, I absolutely hate it but I can't understand why anyone would be bothered by someone else putting Christmas decorations up at any point? It's just some fun decorations and some twinkling lights - if that sets you off you maybe need some extra Christmas cheer yourself. A lot of people deal with seasonal depression and anxiety once the snow flies and this year probably makes things a lot worse with sickness and the economy - maybe the little bit of Christmas cheer makes them feel a tiny bit better. In any case, I vote decorate whenever you feel you need the cheer.

  29. Winter hiking, snowshoeing, ice skating (in the city or up north on the trails), winter markets or Christmas markets, 12 bars of Christmas hopping, coffee walks all bundled up.

  30. This bag is adorable! I love my KG and use it more often than some of my more expensive bags as it just looks so cute. I also am obsessed with your nails/nail colour

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