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  1. People at the time said I was stupid and it couldn't compete with yahoo.

  2. Talk to Chromie in your main city and pick a timeline.

  3. Ohh, just found her. I did not knew about her and the game did not told me about her as well... but that's amazing!

  4. If what I read on somewhere are correct, ps4 account can't be used for cross platform im afraid. :(

  5. Yeah, I saw this on the FAQ... But my account is mobile (Android), I just registrated with my Google PlayStore and well, it's not working. :(

  6. This happened to everyone who can't use the search function or look into the megathread.


  8. Wow, that's great! And pretty economic, because i can use it in various campaings, also i can draw the maps, the dungeons, i liked this and i guess i'm going to use it, thanks!

  9. I tested somethings in here and this web app is perfect! I really like it and i'm gonna try to use it with my friends, after some sessions i'll tell you if it's working good for us.

  10. 100% agree with this! Our group has switched over to DnDbeyond recently and absolutely love it! The new update is awesome. Character creation is like a video game. Sooooo good.

  11. Just asking about dndbeyond now, those monster, itens and all those things that i saw on the site, the community created them or they just get them from the books?

  12. Wow, if Mike said that, i should start using it more haha, but I guess i'm going to buy those books anyway because i really wanted them in my hands (like the dice as well), but to my friends, i think they don't have enough money to buy them, so i think that they're going to use the dndbeyond, but thanks for it, i didn't know about this site until now, you made 5 people save a lot of money haha.

  13. My team rolls like this. It's a reliable sub-30, that usually finishes around 26 seconds.

  14. I did all the changes, i only didn't change my OK for the Tyro, but the rest i already did, i'm going to test it now. But thanks a lot, that was very helpful!

  15. Had a similar setup, can maybe try something like this:

  16. Now that i dived Edge, i guess it's going to be faster in her weak phase.

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