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  1. God no. I can’t see Finn like that 😂

  2. Not how I was imagining him in my head. And have never heard of Rhett so…

  3. LOL that’s valid, Rhett is a youtuber on a channel called good mythical morning. he’s on it with his childhood best friend, they’re actually really funny! i highly recommend checking them out :)

  4. I do, they have been planting ideas for a new season in their ads… BUT time will tell, and i could be completely wrong 😃

  5. amongst all other improvements, pls pls plssss fgs, somebody improve/change the soundtrack, the S4 soundtrack was absolutely terrible, whoever was in charge of that clearly doesn't know what they're doing!!! the soundtracks needs to change with situations, relating with what's happening in that scenario, i don't wanna hear any upbeat music while I'm having a heart to heart conversation dude wtf 😭

  6. Okay I see how you could think that, personally I wasn’t the biggest fan of hope (probably because I was trying to pursue Noah lol) so I found myself gravitating more to Priya. I’ve always just gotten along with Priya, and towards the beginning when she stole MC’s LI I didn’t see a problem with it given that it was early days. I even decided to help her sus out some of the boys tbh. I think it all comes down which characters you connect to, everyone plays the game differently so it’s really disappointing you’ve gotten some nasty comments for sharing how YOU played YOUR game/route. Thanks for sharing! Just realized why my comment was failing to post… no reason why there should be downvotes when you were respectful about your opinion. so sorry

  7. ah i see, no judgement here! i’m so sorry you got some hate for sharing your opinion:/

  8. Henrik is one of my least favorite characters of any season so I'd say forget about him.

  9. Bestie if you were to slide in my dms about how you got that many gems i wouldn’t be upset

  10. I'm the whole GODDAMN circus considering I like BOTH of them 🎪I promise I'm sane IRL

  11. i haven't done his route but ive seen people say he's a sweetheart and that he writes poetry or something like that

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