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  1. I have a refinished mil spec. I did the work myself at my shop

  2. I don’t think we do. I think we put the pizza on it and in the oven at the same time

  3. Restore it if it want to game it. It’s not worth anything near the cost of paying for a restoration

  4. That’s super weird. Wife and I went here last night for the first time and ordered these exact dishes… Very delicious! And did not react!

  5. LTTF: Bowman firsts of Reds players from recent bowman release. ESP McLain. Also, looking for Hunter Green A&G mini and Lodolo SC base and foil variations.

  6. I would think California or Arizona. I know it’s US but I don’t believe it’s disclosed where, exactly in the US.

  7. Alright, fine. I’ll Take the witches and ghosts off your hands.

  8. Leave the iPad and enjoy the time outdoors! I take my 3 and 5 year old girl all the time. They love it! Got off the tee box, run and get the ball and hit wherever you are and putt!

  9. Welcome to the club! If you want a custom one, I have a bunch that I could custom to however you’d want! Have some already finished and others ready to be finished

  10. Right, charging way too much. I have this same putter for sale in matte black for $275 and I haven’t gotten any inquiries on it.

  11. Lol don’t hate me.. but hold the fob up to your throat when hitting the button. I swear it extends the range by another 100 feet or so

  12. He mentioned he wanted to add a Scotty to his bag as one of his goals. Any way you and his wife can find out which Scotty he was wanting?

  13. I can custom one for free at my shop if it’s something he’d want.

  14. Our pediatrician told us that we should have our 2 year old celiac to eat a little gluten every day to make her body immune to it. This was last month after we took her in for a rash after being cross contaminated

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