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  1. Mine was fairly easy to train. They're very responsive and respond extremely well to positive reinforcement. That being said I have a grown child and my dog is mainly around other adults. She still has herder tendencies and can nip at people and other dogs to bring them in line. We are still trying to appropriately curb that. So something to keep in mind around small children.

  2. Well good thing it's posted in blackmagicfuckery and not interestingasfuck

  3. Howwwww many times is this going to get posted today?

  4. Congratulations. You're now the one-thousandth poster.

  5. Do you have any idea how many reprints have been cranked out since 2002? No way someone with that rug has a million dollar original print.

  6. Or just takes a picture of the dog eating a million dollars.

  7. For days? Yes. Why would you even consider eating unrefrigerated lunch meat 🤢

  8. Get a 3-4 person to start. Even that is tight if you're planning to keep all your gear inside the tent with you. But Coleman and Ozark Trail are just fine for someone starting out.

  9. Well you're never supposed to switch from one feeding to the next. You're supposed to translation over a period of 2-3 weeks.

  10. Not to mention.... puppies haven't even been seriously eating solid food that long at 4 months. You're probably really seriously upsetting their digestive balance. You should have done more research before just switching abruptly like that.

  11. Well this is the dumbest bot I've ever seen. And my phone is at like 60. Dumb.

  12. I don't know why anyone ever eats at BWW. Their food is below par at best.

  13. This entire post is incoherent. What are you even asking.

  14. Unjustly downvoted. This is a low-effort post for this sub. Maybe it belongs in another sub, but this isn’t really helpful in a camping-specific manner.

  15. Exactly. Not to mention this person doesn't have any other camping post in this sub. He made a random post for karma.

  16. Looks like a great setup to me, though I would leave the stove outside.

  17. I've gotten food poisoning twice from food that was too hot to eat. If food has been handled improperly to begin with, heat is not going to cook that away.

  18. Yeah but that’s not what’s happening here. The food is fine when it gets put in and then it is kept at a high temperature forever more

  19. I thought my food was fine before too 🤷🏻‍♀️

  20. That's strange. I've never heard of homecoming being in December. They're all usually but the end of October. 🤔

  21. So do you really think a ghost is standing around with his ghost hands in your gloves?

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