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  1. Interesting and wrong. The yellow vest protests were also called unreasonable yet they worked.

  2. Average salary is higher than in most of Europe with a below average cost of living.

  3. China had only? Another evidence this prize is a political tool.

  4. That, or purging the "intellectuals" during the cultural Revolution was a bad idea.

  5. Like I said, you are going to find more StG-44 influences on the AR15 than you will on the AK.

  6. The ar-15 is direct impingement, rotating bolt compared to the stg's long stroke, tilting bolt. The AK is rotating bolt, long stroke, closer to the stg than the AR.

  7. I think the reds have the advantage on this one as far as directly controlled territory goes. All that population and modern industry of China?

  8. With India, the US, Indonesia, Japan and Europe, yellow probably has a higher population and a much higher GDP. Plus control of all major naval choke points and canals.

  9. Drug use in Colombia was never the issue, cartels where. Legalization would leave the same people in charge of the same industry. They where not going to lay down their guns and become normal businessmen. Even if their cocaine was legal, you'd still have to go after them for all that murder.

  10. I agree, that is certainly the step leading to full efficiency. But the current AI software is probably only good enough to identify and attack people and vehicles - without distinguishing between civilian, military, friend or foe.

  11. Image processing is capable of identifying vehicle types. The drones could be programmed to target known Russian military vehicles, BMP, BTR, T-72, etc.

  12. I wouldn't bet on that working with ultra-cheap $500 drones we are talking about, at least not reliably enough.

  13. The core problem of this subreddit is that 99% of activity is on the daily mega thread. As far as quality of discussion, it's about as best as could be hoped for for an anonymous public forum. These proposed rules are fine, but do not address that issue. If I was to try to address it, I would whitelist link posts to number of credible sources. What I would not to is clamp down on discussion until the posts outside the mega thread are less of a ghost town.

  14. I agree, I see the issue being that there simply are not many non-daily mega thread posts, which is unfortunate as those seem the most interesting to me. I think that is because when people come here they start with the mega thread and that is as far as anyone goes (400+ comments!).

  15. An active daily mega thread is good. The problem is that nine times out of ten, there is nothing outside it to comment on. A new article gets posted only once every couple of days, and by the time it’s visible, it’s already hours old and half way down the page. More consistent articles, like we used to have, would fix this, and naturally pull comments away from the mega thread.

  16. There's actually a good example of this in Heinlein's The Cat Who Walks Through Walls in the story there's discussion of different habitats and how they handle things. For instance in "The Golden Rule" habitat where the story starts it's said in several places that a ticket to the habitat requires that you either have a planned return trip or funds held in escrow for a return fair in the case of moving there. Luna has homeless problems, but mostly only in it's major cities, it's implied that people who don't pull their weight in smaller settlements end up outside without a suit, but that it's rare since most such places always need shit done so finding something to do to make your way isn't hard. It's implied that most habitats have 'nightwalkers' who are effectively resident stowaways that make up a criminal subculture and in some they're more tolerated than others.

  17. Can someone please educate me on what’s going on? My understanding is the government is raising the age of retirement to 64 because they don’t have enough money coming into the program keep it at 62.

  18. Macron raised the pension age, saying the current system was unsustainable long term. It’s true, but still unpopular.

  19. Yes but what they gloss over is the fact they made it unsustainable long term so they could get rid of it. Unfortunately it you don't pay attention early it ends up in a crisis like this.

  20. This isn’t the first time it’s been raised. Prior to 2010, it was 60. People are living longer, more years retired need more working years to pay for it, especially with a shrinking workforce.

  21. taw says:

    Advances in AI image processing and related fields are so rapid that stealth is going to have terrible time against any country that can afford to adopt AI technology. Detecting things better and faster than humans is pretty much a given an this point, the only question is how much better.

  22. Image processing makes sense of data you have, it can’t conjure up data that doesn’t exist. No matter how good the image processing on your phone’s camera is, it can’t see an ant on the side of a tree across a lake. Better image processing can help against stealth, but it can’t change hardware limits.

  23. taw says:

    Sensors are getting ridiculously good as well. Most obviously high resolution high speed visual and IR sensors which get obscenely good (I'm not up to date on radar tech, is it on fundamentally different path from visual sensors?)

  24. In this analogy, 4th gen fighters are a regular bag of chips, stealth fighters are more rigid bags that minimize vibrations, the room is scattered with decoy bags, they are blasting irrelevant noise to confuse your sensor, and the window is cloudy. At some point, the signal gets lost in the noise, and with stealth, it gets lost much sooner. It’s not a binary.

  25. Valkyrie dropship is a big pet peeve of mine because I really don't want to ride to an engagement, let alone do medevac on a craft named after mythical beings that carry dead warriors to the afterlife!

  26. To move, airships would require internal combustion engines, or something comparable. This implies precise manufacturing, a good understanding of materials, and access to a suitably energetic fuel. To be built, airships also require lightweight metal construction. So metal is cheap enough that it’s not only used in small quantities.

  27. The US's claim to its land does not come from ancient history like Israel, it comes from that landed being ceded to it in much more recent history. You can argue that the actions leading up to those secessions was unethical, or that treaties where violated after, but that does not change that the US's current legal claim to the land.

  28. It would take decades to decontaminate Ukraine if usage of DU rounds becomes a common factor and that will directly impact every Ukrainian citizen. Other less toxic rounds could be used.

  29. DU rounds are high performance, cheap, and pose no exceptional health risk. Worry more about unexplored ordinance, that’s a real problem.

  30. Russia appears to be bringing T-54s and T-55s out of storage for deployment in Ukraine

  31. I’m amazed they still have parts and ammo for those things. I wonder if Russia still has 85mm stockpiled somewhere in Siberia.

  32. When talking about training of Ukrainian pilots for the F16, I stumbled across this video

  33. What you are describing is functionally inevitable. In the near future, AI will be to human soldiers/pilots, what Deep Blue was to Kasparov. Even ignoring the massive cost savings, AI is far better suited to making sense of the chaotic data of a battlefield. The hold ups are around getting the needed permissions.

  34. How is the city supposed to give out housing, if those same progressives are massive NIMBYs?

  35. Which progressives are you thinking of? Not the ones who define national-scale liberalism in the US: Paul Krugman has been YIMBY since before it became cool, Jamelle Bouie is full YIMBY, Ta-Nehisi Coates is a fellow traveler, Farhad Manjoo's YIMBY op-ed made it to Germany's largest state's English Abitur.

  36. A city’s public transit is developed by local government, and at least on the west coast, progressives have been in power for decades, and are hyper NIMBY.

  37. It’s a regular-ass cliff of which there are thousands in America. Fucking Reddit lmfao

  38. This is forgetting local costs of living and purchasing power. Minimum wages need to be in line with local costs, or they would end up either wildly too high or low.

  39. Sure, but that's hardly the whole point. As the economy is increasingly globalised this is something that will need to be contended with (look at AirBnB in Cuba or 'digital nomads' in Portugal).

  40. Tech companies taking the initiative to “apprentice” under represented demographics interested in STEM as opposed to sitting back and waiting for higher education institutions to “free market” them a bunch of black and Hispanic and female applicants

  41. Tech is a field that demands high performers, either universities provide them, or this just doesn’t happen. We have jobs to do and turning our workplaces into remedial education facilities ain’t it.

  42. It was a mistake giving us a release window. Team Cherry might feel pressured to release a half-finished game to meet it, and the community is going absolutely rabid. I think the community will go crazy if it doesn’t come out by then, and honestly I’m starting to feel the same way. I don’t think we should pay attention to the release window anymore.

  43. There is a line between ‘delayed to make sure it’s ready’ and ‘development hell’. Development hell generally results in products just as unfinished as those rushed out the door.

  44. I could not get past the first episode. Nothing about it hooked me. At all.

  45. Andor is the best Star Wars has ever been. Comparing to anything but Empire Strikes Back is absurd.

  46. According to Wikipedia, UK companies are only contracted for two fields (out of over two dozen), and the prices they charge are among the lowest ($2 per barrel, vs. $5+ in others). Either that was the worst theft in the history of crime, or they just won two contracts.

  47. You ever heard about a strawman? You can’t seriously believe the invaders let slip the option to get as most as they can from Iraq.

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