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I hope the US economy collapses.(Rant)

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  1. Preternaturally smart kids and teenagers, uttering dialogue that no kid or teen would ever say. And that the kid is more mature than their parents, of course.

  2. the current requirement for every reality/competition/gameshow contestant to have a sob story to share with the audience

  3. Titan Games has about 5 minutes worth of actual footage.

  4. What do you think im trying to do? Im trying to encourage people to strike. i have to get a group of people to do it with me otherwise its useles.

  5. Neat. So how are you getting such a group together? Do you have names? Do you have momentum? Do you have funding? Or are you just going to scream "tear it all down" for upvotes?

  6. Anybody seen this girl coming down off anesthesia talking about the Bengals?


  8. Aren't there 3 breweries in Red Bank w store fronts?

  9. Yes but technically Red Tank is a brewery and the other 2 are brewpubs.

  10. This is a thread about now, not 2 weeks ago. Not that hard.

  11. Can confirm. His name is Rade Zone. Piece of shit heckler.

  12. He sounds like the lamest version of Shoresy that ever existed.

  13. No no, it's Liam, Ugh Hemsworth is working on other things.

  14. You're in a thread where the literal title is exactly that lol

  15. He's just getting ready to host Ridiculousness.

  16. Not just misleading....wrong. Gabe Davis is a legit WR2 and averages 19.7 yards per reception. The running backs don't get as many carries as other teams, because Allen rushes a lot, but Singletary, Cook and Moss average 4.8 yards per rush. And, if the offensive line is so bad, how do they average 5.3 yards per rush, overall?

  17. So over it with people just using YPC as a singular stat without ZERO context. It's such a bad stat to use to try to justify anything at all. Just bad process all around.

  18. "Just have fun? What? lol no, we don't have fun around these parts unless we're talking shit about this show." - The Live Threads

  19. This is why I follow none of them and I just wait until things officially happen. Way better than sitting here on a forum endlessly speculating and then arguing with other people on speculation lol

  20. My wife has taught me that these Peloton “coaches” (if you even call them that) are basically celebrities in their own right these days, with zillions of Instagram followers and so forth

  21. And then John Prewitt takes their videos and makes funny videos with them and they acknowledge at this point lol

  22. I work 60-70 hours a week and have a have enough free time to have do chores and have a life. What are you doing wrong?

  23. This is 1000% the kind of person who says:

  24. If you really need to know what the scam is, then you're already obsolete when it comes to critical thinking.

  25. Part of the agreement currently in the Senate is a 24% raise to be implemented over 5 years (so basically 5% a year- which will, God help us, beat inflation once it comes down from its current crazy level) plus two years of back pay that basically makes those raises retroactive.

  26. Sit tight. It's dynasty. You have a ridiculous athlete at TE for the next 15 years.

  27. The only source of coping for most people on this sub who valued Pitts at his ceiling is those who cite how long they'll be on his team lol

  28. Honestly, there's a pretty big difference between an Amazon and Hulu login.

  29. Wait, are Hallmark Christmas movies on Hulu?

  30. I just logged in and first movie I see is: Merry Kiss Cam

  31. Even if he didn't play well, at least effort and accountability. There's a reason why Garrett Wilson was throwing shade since Week 1 lol

  32. 23 damn comments and everyone's sick. I gotta start wearing my mask again

  33. I don't remember last year as much, but 2 years ago the winter was flipping awful.

  34. You might be remembering a February more so than a November/December.

  35. It's only really cold here, anymore, somewhere between January-March. The days of November/December being frigid are pretty gone. Par for the course in the past 5 years for it to be warmer than 40's during this time with the odd snow. But winter is pretty much reduced to a 2 month window now.

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