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  1. Because there's FAR more useful things one could be doing with their time than slathering on stuff for hours that you're just going to clean off or leave on the pillow the same day. Literally anything. But enjoy yourself.

  2. Why is it any more pointless than creating art on any other canvas? Why bother to make food look beautiful? Why have any creative outlet?

  3. Gonna get downvoted to oblivion here, but the long fake eyelashes and long fake nails honestly look so over the top ridiculous that it’s hard to imagine someone intelligent desiring to look like that. For me it’s not a question of “beautiful = less smart,” but “ridiculous fashion choices = less smart.” Those nails make it difficult for women to do everyday tasks, so it reminds me of foot-binding and corsets… crazy “beauty enhancers” that make women’s lives so much harder. Have you seen women with those nails try to get things out of their wallets or use their phones? And most people I’ve met who sport the long fake eyelashes/nails have been super hard to work with - divas who have completely unrealistic expectations of what is possible.

  4. As I'm capable of working with horses, my nails can't be that much of a hindrance. I can very easily use my phone or do anything else with my hands, those women must be new to wearing fake nails.

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