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I am tired of being a married, single mother!

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  1. It took you 4 kids before realizing this?

  2. No It took 10/11 years for him to slowly change into the husband he is now. Before children we shared all household burdens but we had a cleaner as we could afford it at the time. With our first child he was very involved and life was normal. 2nd child it was a little bit of struggle but nothing unusual or upsetting. 3rd child it was more burdensome but he was still helpful and his parents were a great help. We managed. 4th pregnancy was difficult but became a lot more difficult as his mother became ill right before I even conceived and so his parents had to move in with us which put a strain on all of us.

  3. It's already a 'failed' marriage. Do you want to stick with the failure or be a happier single parent? No kid likes living in an unhappy household, no matter the number of parents. Good luck. You've given it your best shot.

  4. It sure as hell is failing. That’s why I am mentally and emotionally getting to a place where I can think and plan my next steps.

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