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  1. It's against the rules for any of us to recommend or advise you on suicide methods

  2. If the scars are fully healed and have stopped growing/itching/changing they are usually OK with it, but obviously every artist has their own comfort levels. I have one scar tattooed over and that was somewhere between 1 year - 9 months old when I got it done

  3. If your cuts are now fully closed and are starting to scar over with no sign of infection, try getting some moisturiser designed for use on fresh tattoos. Those are specifically meant to be used on skin that is healing and irritated. Obviously keep the area nice and clean too while it heals

  4. You are one million percent my type, like basically my ideal man - right down to the gojira shirt! Obviously people's tastes differ but in my opinion you should rock the look you have and don't change anything

  5. You're welcome! If you're ever in Ireland I'll definitely be swiping right on you 😁

  6. I don't believe in loving yourself. I reject the notion that all we have is a binary choice between loving and hating ourselves, despite the fact that that idea is very marketable and en vogue right now.

  7. You never HAVE to go. Unless you have a court order or something

  8. There are as many different reasons to self harm as there are people who do it.

  9. Currently I don't have a good reason to stop. The only times I've made a conscious effort to stop in the past is when other people wanted me to. For myself, I don't care whether I do it or not.

  10. As someone who lost their job because of self harm, you're making a good decision and doing a fantastic job.

  11. Ah I still hurt myself, I just have to keep it on the down low. Once again my cowardice is the only thing keeping me alive

  12. No it is. If I weren't scared of dying I'd stab myself in the face until i had no head. If I weren't scared of being told off I'd scratch myself from head to toe.

  13. As someone who used to work on a hospital front desk, if you're ever in a hospital and you get a horrible nurse do not be scared to report that shit. Chances are we already know that person horrible and will be glad to report it to the higher ups and want to see them punished for the way they treat people

  14. Nothing wrong with being Asian, there are plenty of hot Asian guys (and not just east Asian either, I'm including South and Central and Middle East and all of them). Also you're 14, so don't count your chickens before they hatch - you and your body still have plenty of growing and changing left to do.

  15. You look very Irish! Which isn't a bad thing, don't worry. I'd say keep losing weight and getting fit and you'll look great

  16. I think you look good, but I think what would kick your face up to the next level is stronger eyebrows. Maybe experiment with a touch of brow makeup and see what you think?

  17. You look great but I'd go for more of a stubbly beard than the fluffy look, it'll suit you better

  18. Yeah environmentalist communities SUCK. They're always half full of people going "unless you live completely off grid and only eat your own shit you are killing the planet" and half of people saying "there's no point in anybody trying to make a difference unless they're planning a communist revolution". As someone who just cares about the planet and wants to try their best to live more sustainably, it all just ends up making me feel stupid

  19. This is exactly how to break someone's confidence. Because it surely broke mine.

  20. Absolutely, I get so discouraged by watching people be so much better than me even when I'm trying hard

  21. The only reason I'm not dead is because my fear of death outweighs my hatred of living

  22. No because I'm too much of a pussy to cut that deep lol

  23. I used to mainly do arms but now my work uniform has short sleeves, so I moved to stomach and thighs

  24. To be fair, most people are also very worried about the possibility of you purposely killing yourself as well

  25. In my experience that's pretty much the only thing anyone cares about, especially doctors. As soon as you establish that you're not suicidal and start cutting where nobody sees, nobody gives a flying fuck because they're no longer being inconvenienced by your feelings

  26. Ooh I feel you. I love singing but I know I'm only mediocre and I'd love to play music but I lack talent and discipline. Getting lost in music can make me feel great but a lot of the time it also makes me incredibly depressed because I'm forced to confront my own inability to be good at anything I care about

  27. In my experience people tend to be fine with scars - it even gives them a nice opportunity to boost their ego by feeling like a good person for not judging you. It's active self harm that makes people hate you or give you ultimatums

  28. Yeah I used to beat myself up a lot when I was unemployed. Then I got a job and started having myself because of all the mistakes I make constantly. There's no winning!

  29. People say it's because it's an unhealthy coping mechanism.

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