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  1. I had the same thing happen a few years ago, I met "the one" and was immediately in love. She broke up with me after a few months and I was heartbroken. I've been in many relationships before and since, none have compared.

  2. It's clear you have no idea what I'm talking about. I have no use for your imput. Please don't engage any further.

  3. If being single makes you want to hurl yourself under a train, I think you need to do a lot of work on yourself and some introspection before you should be in a relationship. Like listen to how unhinged that sounds.

  4. It's not only being single, it's also the constant rejection I'm facing. But being lonely is not good for me, that much is true also.

  5. See, that's said from a healthy frame of reference... no everyone approaches relationships like that unfortunately.

  6. That seems like an avoidant frame of reference, not healthy. Anyway, there isn't really a right anwer - some people mix well with some and not with others. If you are clingy, but your partner is the same and doesnt mind it, then whats the problem? There isnt one. Its all about finding the right person who will view life just like you.

  7. That's not the point, you said you have multiple studies proving something and I just asked you to show us. Why get defensive all of a sudden?

  8. Sorry,I didn't mean to come off like that. I think it's perfectly fine to want to see the actual studies.

  9. Mě zaráží počet lidí, kteří opravdu věří tomu že výsledky voleb něco změní.

  10. Tak výsledky voleb určitě změní to, kdo bude na Pražském hradě. To za mě bohatě stačí.

  11. I don’t want thousands of messages from men that I am not interested in dating based on my profile preferences. I don’t want a bunch of matches that lives hundreds of miles away from me. That’s what I get, I’m sure there are some good guys buried in those thousands of messages somewhere but I don’t know how to get to them because I keep getting buried in messages from men I would never date based on my profile preferences.

  12. You need to take a break from reddit. Know that the center of your life should not be getting laid or being in a relationship. Life is bigger than this, your value comes from so many other aspects. If you need to chat, just text me :)

  13. Yeah man just don't be depressed. Great advice mate, you should be a therapist. /s

  14. Men in ballet wear dance belts. For children, they’re like brief style underwear. Those are worn under tights. At a certain point, probably around the time guys start wearing jock straps for sports, they switch over to a thong back dance belt.

  15. Jumping isn't really a big deal for balls, I bet it's much more uncomfortable for the feet and ankles :D

  16. Eh, it's just misandrist drivel from one of the most sexist subs on reddit, no different than MGTOW type dudes obsessing over how marriage is the worst thing to happen to man.

  17. Who gives gifts on a first date just reeks of creepy and desperate

  18. And if that was a guy talking about his standards without mentionning ANYTHING else about himself, youd compare him to andrew tate and would shit on him. But its a women, so now its "she knows what she wants!!"

  19. Oh yeah. If a guy put on his profile "I expect you to have big tits" people here would lose their minds over that, even if his attractivness matched.

  20. Finanční zločiny velkých ryb. Průměrné či malé ryby dostávají docela tvrdé tresty na úrovni vrahů a i hůře. Money first.

  21. I think that's completely fair, I would be uncomfortable with that too. But according to reddit's standards I am a controlling creep because I would be just as much uncomfortable if my gf had a celebrity crush.

  22. Correct, only she can decide to not keep it. But if she keeps it, he's still MORALLY responsible for the child. Just because the baby isn't growing in his body, doesn't mean that everyone should just be cool when fathers walk away. Are you really suggesting that only women should be responsible for children, like ever? She doesn't get to choose to just walk away, nor should he.

  23. Hot guys on a dating website? Somehow I was able to discern you were a guy if you think that's what online dating for women.

  24. Multiple women have lended me their phone with Tinder and ALL had hot guys in their match queue, with the majority of them actively texting.

  25. Why would multiple women ever show you their online profile matches and conversations?

  26. Why is that even a question lmao? I have female friends who did and with some of the girls I hooked up with we played a kind of "game" where I handed them over my tinder and they handed me over theirs and we would swipe on the opposite gender and tried to come up with the most funny messages.

  27. Being nice isn't important for early success in dating. Like getting dates. But it's extremely important for long-term relationship success. I think that's what people confuse. Being a dick can get you laid. But being a dick won't make a woman hang around much unless she's literally afraid of her man and scared he might harm her if she leaves. Self-respecting women with good self esteem stay away from dickish guys. It's the self-hating women who believe they're worthless who will find men who treat them in line with their self image. Treat them like shit essentially. Works for women who think they deserve to be treated like shit.

  28. You're below average if I'm being honest. I think a lot of users here want to comfort you because of the terrible thing that happened to you, which I also am sad for, but if we're here for honest feedback, then I'd say you aren't necesarilly ugly, but you aren't hot either.

  29. Am a man, live in a big city, don't think I'm unattractive, but get around 1 match per 150 likes.

  30. Damn mate you're like a 9. Definitely no need to be insecure. Wish I looked like that tbh

  31. I am sure my opinion will be unpopular but I don't see red flags. What he said are basically generalizations about women. Which are true for many women, and equally, not true for many women too. Like all generalizations.

  32. Yeah, this thread is ridiculous lol. "there's a lot of crazy girls on dating apps" uhmmm that seems like a completely neutral statement?? I don't know why it would be misogynistic. If you flip it to a girl saying "there's a lot of creeps on dating apps" people here would NOT call her a misadrist, but that's the way with these subs, people here are just so sexist towards men it's really nauseating.

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