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  1. I’m really sad about that one. I was a young teen when it came out and I thought for whatever reason that it had alcohol in it, so I avoided it. Now I see a lot of people say it was really good and I feel stupid

  2. The can design definitely looked like it could have been an alcoholic beverage. Who knows, maybe it'll come around again and you'll get your chance.

  3. Crew2 games were the best part of last season. It was good to be home. I feel left behind at the new stadium. The new stadium is great and a perfect addition to round out the Arena District. However, since I didn't splurge to sit in one of the club sections, I feel like I'm no longer of interest to the Crew machine.

  4. Great! The first Columbus-area location is a 5 min walk from my place!

  5. I drove from Columbus to the nearest one in Lexington KY when the flavor was first released. Pretty decent fast food meal. Excited to have them come to the area.

  6. If this were in my greenhouse, I'd prune it back to the edges of the pot, put it in a warm, sunny location and hit it with a liquid fertilizer when the soil feels dry to the touch.

  7. Holy crap that is actually a real freaking band. I thought you were messing around.

  8. They were a fun band to see live. I don't think any of the venues they played even exist anymore.

  9. I still struggle to find the Crew on lists like these nowadays. I always overlook the logo. It just doesn't stand out.


  11. I love the schedule reveal! I get to plan all my vacations around the home games. Plus, we get to pick which away game we're traveling to!

  12. They pack them SO full! Super tasty. 100% recommend giving them a try.

  13. I haven’t been here since before the pandemic; did it come out all right? Same black pepper burger and everything?

  14. I've seen Spark around Central Ohio as recently as this afternoon, but the zero variant seems to have all but disappeared shortly after release.

  15. I was at the Walmart on Bethel and only saw 12 packs. No bottles in any of the coolers up front.

  16. Newish at Graceland. My biggest issue is that it now corrals you straight into the waiting spiel of whatever cable or cell phone salesperson they've allowed in.

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