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  1. I love the schedule reveal! I get to plan all my vacations around the home games. Plus, we get to pick which away game we're traveling to!

  2. They pack them SO full! Super tasty. 100% recommend giving them a try.

  3. I haven’t been here since before the pandemic; did it come out all right? Same black pepper burger and everything?

  4. I've seen Spark around Central Ohio as recently as this afternoon, but the zero variant seems to have all but disappeared shortly after release.

  5. I was at the Walmart on Bethel and only saw 12 packs. No bottles in any of the coolers up front.

  6. Newish at Graceland. My biggest issue is that it now corrals you straight into the waiting spiel of whatever cable or cell phone salesperson they've allowed in.

  7. Not sure what the event is but there should be plenty of parking in the surface lots next to the arena

  8. It's a concert that is near selling out. The arena email said there was limited parking onsite, but Google maps shows a number of surface lots surrounding the arena.

  9. It’s not as bad as it used to be, just be careful cuz you never know

  10. Almost looks like dogfish egg, but a little different could be a ray egg!

  11. I forgot to write a more detailed description. It was moving. It had two upper tentacles like a snail. It also had a wrap around fin similar to a cuttlefish.

  12. Los Agavez taco truck. Friendliest people. Great food.

  13. I assume they can’t be propagated then? They prob only grow from bulbs?

  14. It's likely a patented variety, which technically makes propagation illegal.

  15. Looks like a tung oil tree. A single seed can be fatal. The leaves cause a reaction similar to poison ivy.

  16. Los Agavez catered food for our wedding. It worked out beautifully! Cannot recommend them strongly enough!

  17. Looking for 3 nordecke tickets for FC Cincy. Trying to get some international interns to the game. Two are from Columbia and hoping for a chance to see Cucho.

  18. Delta or American. But seriously, a gull can leave quite a mess. If the window was wet before it hit, the mess will spread wider.

  19. There are people who have chickens in the neighborhood.

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