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TW: Gf and I spent the night in jail UPDATE

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  1. I’m already diagnosed and this was still eye opening. Like every “personality” trait I have is on this list lol

  2. Sooo pretty and those are some crispy fine lines 😍 love it!

  3. NAH (or slight Y-T-A due to poor communication) Hey op! Have you ever looked into the possibility you’re neurodivergent? It really sounds like info dumping to me!

  4. Yeah non depressed people really don’t think about it. A sub like this might give biased answers because most of us are depressed 😂 but from the reaction of a lot of my friends when I opened up about being suicidal showed me they aren’t. Therapy and meds have helped me a lot and now I only have suicidal thoughts if I get triggered (c-ptsd).

  5. Ooof that sounds really toxic though. Telling you you can’t do better elsewhere is like abusive relationships 101 lol. It’s not usually a good idea to leave a job without another one lined up, but if it’s that taxing on your mental health it makes job searching harder. If you have the savings/resources to handle some time off I say go for it! Maybe start applying for jobs asap though!

  6. Yes 😂 I’ll go through phases where I’ll eat the same snack or dinner almost everyday for weeks-months and then all of a sudden I hate it and move on to the next food. I also have both adhd and autism!

  7. Lmfaooo I’ve been eating Oreos almost every day for the past 7-8 years 😂 it would’ve been longer but I did have a stint where I didn’t like them, but I came back around again! I’m not diagnosed with ADHD, but my PCP believes I have combined type. I also believe I may be on the spectrum, but I haven’t sought help for it yet!

  8. Honestly if you believe you’re on it you probably are! Autisms one of those things that you don’t really need a diagnosis for unless you’re seeking accommodations or for your own knowledge 🤷‍♀️ I got diagnosed just last year and slowly unmasking is the best thing I’ve ever done.

  9. I don’t know what they are, but neem oil worked well for me getting pests to stop eating my rose bush!

  10. Oh my gosh I know you’re worried about it but this tattoo is so cool!! It’s not symmetrical in the leaves, but it does look centered on your back. I actually love that the leaves aren’t symmetrical, it makes it more realistic, and human bodies aren’t perfectly symmetrical anyway:)

  11. Thank you, I appreciate the input:D I'm pretty satisfied with how it turned out except the handle and pommel area of the sword plus the cross guard, since one side of the cross guard is longer than the other🥲🥲 Hopefully I'll find an artist and get a consult:))

  12. I see what you mean but I would have never noticed that if you hadn’t pointed it out! I still think it looks amazing:)

  13. I can’t say for sure if it’s related but I also have this problem. I know for me, doing things to reduce stress (lower cortisol) like meditating and eating less processed lower fodmap foods seems to help. Drinking a lot of water also seems to help me.

  14. Thanks. I just found some art i liked and found a fantastic artist that turned that idea into this design! Artist is multi style bit does a lot of micro realism

  15. Take it on vacation or to a club the next city over! I like to practice my confidence around strangers so if I make a fool of myself no one knows me 😂

  16. Hey there! Not sure how it works in the US but would you be able to find a pro bono HR lawyer?

  17. You guys didn’t deserve this ❤️ I’m glad you got what you need. I agree about the ACLU! They’re amazing! I’m sorry that just by existing you have been dragged into this hell.

  18. If the time at the bottom is in milliseconds, then the signal bump is happening every 20ms. That would be 50Hz. If you’re in Europe the line power is 50Hz

  19. Have you explained all this to your therapist? Is she experienced with treating dissociative disorders and qualified to diagnose you? Unfortunately it's impossible for anyone online to diagnose you. Simply having two sides of yourself isn't enough because everyone has "parts" but are they dissociative enough to be separated into different consciousnesses? That's between you and a mental health professional to determine. There are several types of dissociative disorders, not just DID. The symptoms you are describing could possibly be DID, OSDD, depersonalization, or something else. Either way, it's great that you have been healing in therapy.

  20. I haven’t yet, I’ve told her about the two different sides but I just realized today that the two sides are so distinct. I think it’s easier to see the two personalities now that they have developed more and aren’t just anxiety and depression. I see my therapist again soon and will ask her.

  21. Honestly, I feel the same way about my childhood "tickling" experiences as I do about my actually experienced traditional SA, so I couldn't agree with you more. Same stomach-pit feeling.

  22. Me too… the guilt tripping he used opened the door wide for the emotional coercion I experienced with my nex and any man in my life. It’s why it took me so gd long to realize I was gay too cuz I thought everyone just put up with it.

  23. Oh my goodness, this brought up so many memories. My Dad was CONSTANTLY doing things to us and then telling us it didn't hurt. He would grab our arms and smack us in the head with our own hands while saying, "Quit hitting yourself." He'd also do this dodging in and poking our sides thing when we were doing dishes or something where our hands were full, and no matter how much we said stop, he wouldn't. My sister fought back once and landed a smack on his shoulder, and he smacked her on the head so hard her vision jiggled.

  24. I’ve always been told that the most difficult part in this process is talking to your siblings about your parent being a narcissist because you can’t just say it outright, it has to be something that they experience on their own. And if you do come out and say it you experience pushback from your siblings who could still be wrapped around their finger.

  25. Im just now responding a month later but I wanted you to know your comment meant a lot to me. I didn’t have the emotional energy to respond at the time but it helped remind me that I’m not crazy and this happens as part of the pattern.

  26. I had this happen :( I was fresh out of a long term relationship with a man, newly out as gay, and it was my first time using dating apps. I talked to “her” for months before I realized I’d never actually done the “send me a pic of you making this hand symbol” check and “she” got all defensive like “you don’t trust me?? After this long??” 🚩🚩🚩 of course I don’t trust you if you’re going to make me feel bad for looking out for my own safety. “She” never sent the pic and we haven’t talked since.

  27. Price tag regret is real! But it’s your special day and you deserve the dress that makes you feel beautiful ❤️ I absolutely adore the dress

  28. This was the fastest I’ve changed from wanting to downvote to wanting to upvote a post

  29. OP abusive relationships are a chemical addiction in your brain ❤️ the love bombing is the drug (dopamine I think in your brain) and the fighting is the withdrawal to keep you hooked. It’s going to be hard to leave but you are strong enough to make it through the withdrawal. For the first few days, maybe weeks, you’ll want to go back because you miss the feeling of being loved, but this is not love. You will grieve the “good” parts of the relationship, and that’s perfectly okay to feel that way, just know you’re breaking an addiction and doing what’s best for yourself. You deserve a relationship that has the good parts without the abuse. Good luck ❤️ keep us updated ❤️ I’ve been there too ❤️

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