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  1. KO hasn't won a title in 5 years I think. So he has to be another one I guess. Bayley for the women.

  2. Yeah that's true, for his reputation as a prize fighter, dude is in an incredible drought. But the only big match i remember him losing was against Roman, not sure that match fits the choke moniker.

  3. Sami taking a stunner for Roman and then getting pinned by KO would work well I think

  4. And then Roman gaslights Sami blaming him for the loss, that's beautiful

  5. I know it’s not tagged, but what would expect from a video saying it’s from the recent raw? Why would you watch it if you didn’t want spoilers?

  6. Bro Gunther was definitely in his feelings when he dropped that "you just proved our point" line lmaooooo, bro was defeated 💀💀💀

  7. 2016 SmackDown Deano Cleano is still my fav version of a wrestler ever, i loved that goofy shtick

  8. No but it was still a great match, they had an insane trilogy of matches

  9. Theory really has incredible potential, he even gave a great performance while having to eat shit today. It's complete bullshit that Triple H is booking his character like this. He looks like a complete moron. The only positive thing i see is Lashley's character on his way to becoming a holier than thou heel. That's gonna be a treat to watch.

  10. Imo he's the best overall talent under 25 in both of the major companies between WWE and AEW and dude was getting good reactions under Vince but when triple h took over it all of the sudden started getting worse and worse

  11. Yeah I agree, Theory should not have been involved in this, he should have laid out Rollins and left it at that or maybe Ali comes back and gets destroyed again or something. Using Theory like this completely destroys the credibility of his character, i don't know what they are thinking, maybe there was some issue with him backstage we don't know about, idk it's completely mind boggling to me.

  12. Omos is really growing into his character now thanks to MVP, the man trash talked every second while beating the shit out of Braun, i did not know he had that in his bag, he is really starting to win me over.

  13. Seth maybe HHH boot licker. But you got to throw him few bones occasionally . Otherwise as he gets old. He will become like Punk

  14. Boot licker is a really lame insult, especially against people you don't know irl. At the end of the day they are just people doing their jobs.

  15. Twitter Braun seems completely different to the up up down down Braun, so much so that I am pretty sure he is hamming it up while tweeting.

  16. That's gonna be an interesting character arc for sure, imo the character will start grasping at things to stay on the island of relevancy but let's see how they do it.

  17. Roman looking desperately at the title at the end signifies the first crack in the shield imo, this is the beginning of the end. What an incredible character the tribal chief has been.

  18. Man this show was awesome. The main event was insane, I had a ton of fun watching wrestling :)

  19. Roman's character is incredible, the facade slipped there a bit, he is still the insecure boy

  20. Yeah definitely can see it good storytelling. The way he looked at the titles like I’m never letting you go

  21. Yep, he is desperate to have the people acknowledge him as the guy and he needs those titles for that, what a superb character.


  23. I don't think this show has had a bad moment so far, insane hit rate for a Saudi show

  24. Gunther vs Rey was awesome, had me jumping from my seat. Rey is just magical, he can capture that underdog style of wrestling like no one else can, and i am not just talking about the moves, it's the way he creates situations where he perseveres and perseveres, certified Lucha legend. The opening match between Liv and Sonya was pretty great too.

  25. Fun show, the Theory/Seth match and the main event were my favourite matches. I legit lost my shit at Johnny replaying the InDex and Mix scenes lmaooo. I am hyped for Lashley/Brock, it's gonna be an adrenaline rush watching these two beat the shit out of each other.

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