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  1. I’ve been sober for almost 10 years. I’ve worked at 2 bars the last 10 years. Over that time I have seen more than 30 bartenders get fired for alcohol related purposes. You‘ll have fewer reasons to get fired than them. I lost a few jobs (serving mostly) directly related to my drinking. Now my bosses see me as the most trustworthy employee. At least you do the straw method to taste test. I can’t handle doing that, the taste is too good when it hits your lips it’d lead to me hours later running down the street naked yelling “we’re going streaking to the quad”.

  2. I’ve never had to cut someone off before prior warning. As in, for example, young guy comes in and takes down 3 shots and 2 drinks in less than 15 min: “buddy, after this one you can’t order for a while” or someone is clearly on the border: “next time you come I can only serve you water”.

  3. lol asking an aggressive drunk to go outside to talk is a recipe for disaster.

  4. Worked every time. It wasn’t said in an aggressive way, more like a friend “dude, Can’t hear ya with this music”

  5. I get that the tone matters. But I’m not stepping out from behind the stick if anyone is at all aggressive.

  6. Everything looks great, except for that god awful painting.

  7. I remember watching it in high school. My good friend and I would steal his fathers expensive whiskey and watch it together. I enjoyed the show at the time, but rewatching it now I notice so much more than I did then. None of our other friends had any interest in it.

  8. I know it's not popular but I love SOCO and lime shots. When I come in and I'm not working the girls like to watch me do a staff drink we call an Ultimate Jagerbomb which is 4 cans of redbull and 8oz of Jagermeister in a pitcher chugged.

  9. Reminds me of an old clip of shoenice chugging red bulls to his favourite song: born in the USA

  10. Reminds me of an old clip of shoenice chugging red bulls to his favourite song: born in the USA

  11. Was talking to my therapist about this and he said many people who work with the public get ‘compassion fatigue’. I’m making an effort to be more kind and compassionate to everyone lately. I’ve noticed that my coworkers have very little patience for any guest who isn’t perfect, or servers who make mistakes. I’m sure I’ve been guilty of this in the past as well, I’m just now becoming aware of it.

  12. I dunno. I'm just a bitter old man who strongly dislikes anybody born in the 2000's.

  13. Not born in the 2000’s but… strongly disliking anyone born after a certain year is some small minded bullshit. I also find myself frustrated with zoomers here and there but lighten up a bit. You were probably a dumb kid at one time.

  14. First you're a bartender, then you're a bar manager, then you're a bartender, then you're a real estate agent

  15. 100%, most of my coworkers are fucking miserable. I am too, but I try not to bring everyone down. I hate the ‘I’m a bartender, so it’s OK to be a miserable cunt’ attitude.

  16. The place I’m at starts everyone as a server for 4-5 shifts and then bar training. Once in a blue moon I will get a serving shift. I also don’t love serving, but here and there is fine.

  17. If I am coming to apply, I dress business casual and I drink nothing other than water. Drinking booze before an interview makes it seem like you are gonna be drinking behind the bar. I know a lot of places let that slide, but most that I’ve worked at do not tolerate it.

  18. Some places don't allow you to throw away apps. There are codes you can put on them instead like 110 meaning "NO".

  19. We have the 110 box at my place.. why does 110 mean no?

  20. Your moms house, where my moms at, the honeydew, bill burrs Monday morning pod, WTF, whiskey ginger, nateland, the boogie monster, bad friends, fitz dog. I mean some episodes are going to touch on the comedy biz if the guest is a comedian but I think I listed some good ones.

  21. Are you serious? YMH brings ‘the comedy biz’ up all the time.

  22. Nope, way more comfortable behind the bar. I’ll serve here and there but only if it’s a busy shift. I feel like like I’m standing around a lot as a server and it makes me feel weird.

  23. The term ‘regular’ is just industry doublespeak for alcoholic. I’ve seen a few exceptions, people who come for 1-2 drinks and food a few times a week, but the exception proves the rule. The term is used to soften the sordid reality. Many restaurants and bars basically stay afloat because of these people. Regulars who come in to any bar I work at are not my regulars, I don’t not claim them, they frequent the place I happen to work at. I would be just as happy to never see them again, even if it means a few dollars less in my pocket.

  24. We had a girl lie about bar experience on her resume recently. It was very obvious she did not know what she was doing. 2 hand pouring into a jigger sitting on the bar top, no idea how to change a keg, limited product knowledge. If you lie, then you best study up. She did not get to continue training.

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