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Michael Moore Suggests Trump Lying About COVID-19 Diagnosis

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  1. Jack, almost every snooker player is a rhythm player. At some point you need to accept you are yet to win an event because of something in your own game. If I had to guess you have a very real fear of success. Also you have just given all future opponents exactly what they need to do to throw you off.

  2. A flame thrower will do the trick!

  3. I think he should do whatever he likes and I don’t really understand how people think they have the right to make comment on his or anyones physical status.

  4. Or maybe Ronnie was giving a bit back for Trump’s comments on women’s snooker. Or maybe a bit of payback for Trump saying Ronnie’s washed up and nobody is afraid to play him anymore.

  5. And Trudeau is not wrong here. The silver lining to this “protest” is the conservatives have absolutely no way back from this. Like Sheer before him O’Toole has put the final nail in his own political coffin.

  6. I would wager that less than 10% of these “protesters” have ever voted in their lives.

  7. Meet the new and unimproved Marjorie Taylor Greene!

  8. You have to wonder what information is out there to hurt Abbot that would make him so compliant to trumps whims?

  9. Lay a beer bottle on a table and practice stroking the cue in and out of the bottle (obviously without hitting the rim of the bottle)

  10. I would pay to watch that arrogant dim witted fool attempt to take on AOC in a debate!

  11. In America I think it’s safe to say if Trump had a hand in it it’s wrong for the people.

  12. I think cilantro is the fresh herb and coriander the dried herb

  13. I think the “swagger” iis simply a lack of confidence. The only thing holding him back is his mental game.

  14. There is no denying he is a brilliant snooker play and there’s no denying he is a knob.

  15. This was my first thought when this news broke. He is not above weaponizing an illness to garner sympathy.

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