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  1. I drove an hour through a hurricane so I can sit at a desk and scroll reddit. Yay. Lol

  2. Imagine seeing you in the wild, big homie.

  3. Well unlike the overhead yeet, I actually like you.

  4. I got a “you might need to come in this weekend to do DTS and schools”

  5. Campbell. Great facilities, good units, peak location.

  6. “He slaps Amuro for not wanting to get into the Gundam when Amuro hasn’t had any sleep in a few days”

  7. To this day when driving up Albert Pike from the Mount Ida/Lake Hamilton area I’ll pass a sign right before 70 that says “hometown of Bill Clinton” and will do the Hank bwah and lock the doors, even if I’m the only one in the car.

  8. Live in ar, everyone I know does that going into hot springs...

  9. As no is normally the case with these types of things… who was there first? The whole “it’s near XXX community” is the king of disingenuous statements without background.

  10. You know, I’ve seen this movie before, and as an Army dude I’m not looking forward to having to fight it on the ground.

  11. YTA, even though something like bringing her own food to a friends house is a bit much, she has chosen a lifestyle of health and fitness instead of being a typical schlub.

  12. Hates the US, uses a forum pioneered by the same country (internet) with technology (modern computers, semiconductors) developed by said country to complain about it

  13. Spent plenty of time in Germany, never had an issue, but also, who cares. Europe (or the people who parrot this stuff) dont seem to understand that while they are concerned about the US, the US does not care what they think.

  14. Both Paul Joseph Watson and Virgin Airlines are from the UK, OP.

  15. Don’t care who you are or what your MOS is, uparmoured bulldozers are cool.

  16. American here, I wear a rank on my chest every day that takes its lineage from France, guess I don’t count.

  17. one of my favorite endings in action movies and the hero doesn’t look the least bit victorious. He didn’t get the girl, wasn’t heralded by his superiors, nor celebrated for his successful efforts to thwart the bad guy. Dutch lost his men, was wounded and covered in ash when found, won only by sheer luck. And this was all against an alien threat he and his team would never have been prepared enough to fight against.

  18. He is victorious, but only in the sense that he survives.

  19. I came here to say this. If ya keep a 32” waist your side plates should provide significant coverage

  20. Base it on how your plate carrier sits on your body. When you strap your jawn on they should bridge them gap from front to rear shingle.

  21. Lots of people on the internet who talk a big game

  22. I bet Kou has a stack after all the damage he did to the Delaz fleet.

  23. When guard has to put up with the misery this is what you get.

  24. Hahaha. I got my cdr policies letters a week ago. I red marked them up and guess what word for word the changes came back. They dictate more than you think. Plus always make sure you match up to your higher policies.

  25. You can ink them all you want, who’s name is at the bottom.

  26. Staying in the Walt E. Disney suite or Grand Suite at Grand Floridian is worth it.

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