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Scientologists stalks and harass an ex-member at an airport

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A few glimpses from my visit to North Korea, before coronavirus.

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  • By - uspn

…. What?

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I'm genuinely flabbergasted.

  1. Yup—with 10,800 bottles worldwide my state will probably see two cases. Also, my guess is that Pacific Edge will probably price gouge this up to $160 or so.

  2. If it makes you feel better I live in Edinburgh and probably have little chance of getting hold of one

  3. Right, because Russia clearly has extra lying around. They save by not sending supplies to the front lines.

  4. My brother is Dave and he is pretty tall

  5. There's no way it's only 27% for The Netherlands.. that's a rookie number, it's gotta be higher

  6. Same here, I live in the Netherlands but not Dutch and thought this would be higher as everyone seems to do it.

  7. That is a massive nope from me. I've been diving with sharks before and felt alright about it, but this is just too far for me.

  8. I agree! I’m not a big scotch fan! You have any recommendations for me? I like sweeter bourbons so the peatyness of scotch is a bit much!

  9. It's a massive myth that all scotch is peated. In reality it isn't even the majority of it that is peated. Started off because that was the fuel source in some island and coastal parts of Scotland, but certainly not the case for most of the country.

  10. I've heard a few reviews like this and it has put me off the idea of going to it for a while. The overpricing of everything being a familiar lament.

  11. Yes it is and concur, very underwhelming. Dont get why it's recommended frequently on here.

  12. I would describe it as unchallenging which is why I think it frequently gets recommended as a gateway

  13. King Alexander... But it's a steep climb!

  14. I've had it as a neighbour poured me a dram. It's okay but would not go out of my way for it and certainly wouldn't pay what Dalmore demand for a bottle.

  15. Hertog Jan is the best dutch pilsner

  16. I'm in the Netherlands and none of the Dutch people I work with drink Heineken and say it is for tourists. Mind you they also think Bavaria is worse.

  17. Groupers can be a little territorial and I've been headbutted by one on a dive before. Came out of my 7 o'clock blindspot and hit my tank. Never saw it coming

  18. Macallan 21 for $45 must be a mistake. That is a $1500 bottle.

  19. How is the barrel proof cheaper than the small batch?

  20. I love how the German government straight up regards them as a cult not a religion

  21. Weird that this technically can't be called Japanese whiskey anymore with the new guidelines.

  22. Not weird at all when most of it isn't Japanese

  23. Is this in a place where they will fine you if you ride off one side or the other off the path?

  24. The state of the country these days. When I was a lad a 10p mix from the local shop was in a little paper bag and at least 3 times the size of one of those

  25. I'll preface this by saying my friend is British, but she went on a date with a member of the US military and was a bit weirded out by discovering that she was sitting on a loaded firearm that was under a sofa cushion. There was no followup date after that. It's not that she has no experience with firearms either as she is in the military herself and has served in Afghanistan.

  26. Good work. I've done drops that big on skis and snowboard, but just don't have the confidence on the bike yet. Same way I have more confidence about speed on snow than I have on a bike

  27. May be only a few %, but every IB seems to have a Dailuaine in their range these days. Not complaining as I've liked those I've tried and even currently arranging a Dailuaine bottling myself for my workplace.

  28. And then she became the benchmark by which all badass female characters are judged against and found wanting

  29. Very much this, though the Talisker DE does vary from year to year.

  30. Laphroaig 10 is a staple on my liquor cabinet. It’s relatively cheap and has a wonderful peat, briny profile. I would try that if I were you.

  31. A note of caution in that the smoke in this is not the same as Ardbeg 10 and is much more medicinal in character. It can be a bit divisive. There are many that love it for precisely this note, but many who don't. For many years I struggled with this particular flavour.

  32. But also never thought about contraception

  33. Mostly shops or distilleries? I’ll be in Edinburg in two months if you have any recommendations.

  34. I live in Edinburgh and the answer to this really depends on whether you will have a car.

  35. Great photos. Really looks like the 80s. Saw the other side of the border post when I was doing a military exercise in RoK a few years ago.

  36. Yes thieves are bad, but my problem with this is that there actions were never about justice or protecting property. They just wanted to beat people with bats and manufactured circumstances for them to do so. Their intent was always about a desire to hurt someone. These are not good people.

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