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  1. Saying "mainland China" is about as specific as saying "Europe"; where did you go?

  2. The ones which are specifically for China don't work in China. Just try regular LA or Seattle etc

  3. I usually use LA/Seattle supercharged (I used to use HK/Taiwan/Japan but they haven't seemed to consistently work for a year or so). I sometimes find that nothing seems to work.

  4. They've been calling it that since George Formby played his ukulele

  5. Best*. Bayern buys the best players from competitors

  6. *Wait for the contracts to run down. Bayern waits for the best players from competitors contracts to run down.

  7. UEFA is just a footballing organisation.

  8. People can identify as what ever they want, but it is not up to the other 98% of the population to pretend it is real.

  9. I'm not really against it, and I'm in support of trans rights etc, but I don't get identifying as "non-binary". I've Googled it a few times and have never been satisfied with what I've found, really. Like, what does it mean to be non-binary? Considering that no one fits stereotypical gender roles 100%, wouldn't that mean everyone is non-binary? What does it mean to identify as neither a man or a woman when most people agree that being either a man or a woman shouldn't limit your personality/interests etc.?

  10. You don't have to get it to respect it. Also being non binary is different for every non binary person but the very basic idea is that you feel more comfortable being outside the gender binary. This could be expressed in many different ways, for example I'm non binary and express very feminine while my assigned gender at birth is male. However another non binary person could express as androgynous, or another could be masculine. It depends on how the person feels most comfortable expressing.

  11. Sorry, I didn't mean any disrespect. I do respect peoples' pronouns etc when they tell me, but I just mean I don't fully get the idea of identifying as non-binary as such. I say this as a guy who has had long hair, painted his nails, and enjoys any excuse to wear make up and dress up in women's clothes. I often think that if life was like a game where I could "select a character" at the start of every day, I would choose to be a woman a decent amount of the time. I'm telling you this because I think that I could be said to be "non-binary", but (in this might be because of my Buddhist leanings) I don't really get the point of labelling myself in such a way. And I guess this is the essence of the problem I have with understanding why people choose to identify as "non-binary": what is the value in saying you're "non-binary"? What is the value in saying you're not a man or a woman? What does it mean to be a man? What does it mean to be a woman? Why do you not identify as either?

  12. Cannot imagine. I’m turning 32, in decent shape, and my knees hurt the day after a long run

  13. I'm 27. My knees are still hurting from running up the stairs a couple of days ago :(

  14. In the context of this word, the intent behind it isn’t relevant.

  15. Everything Everywhere All At Once was one of the best movies of 2022 and it made $100M. Of the top 10 movies of 2022, all of them were sequels, reboots, or adaptations. That’s why we keep seeing generic content, because people pay to see them.

  16. Just wanna piggyback and say that "Everything, Everywhere, All At Once" is a fantastic movie and you should al see it

  17. But it was all worth it so that... wait what were we there for?

  18. I heard it was because Lyndon Johnson didn't want to lose a game of dominoes, or something

  19. If they ban him for something he did so long ago.. the FA should do a retrospective review on all the shit decisions their referees have made over the years.

  20. Brb FA banning themselves for discriminating against women for their 50-sih year campaign to destroy women's football.

  21. I was literally just thinking this. If he gets in trouble for this they might as well fire all High School english teachers

  22. I was reading a few threads the other day about how literature teachers approach it when reading stuff like Huckleberry Finn or To Kill A Mockingbird in class - apparently a lot of them and their students refuse to read it aloud.

  23. Really depends on the individual London club's rivalry. Tottenham ain't ever selling to Arsenal and viceversa; Sol Campbell is still hated by the Spurs fandom to this day.

  24. Yeah you're right, however iirc we actually £40 million for Modric, £10 million more than Madrid.

  25. Humidifiers, air purifiers, and skin care products. Get some Cera Ve moisturiser and apply a facial mask once or twice a week before bed. Since coming to China I've developed a skin condition from AC drying out my apartment's air lol

  26. Online work? I thought students could work as long as the uni agreed?

  27. I remember recreating this one in the back garden right after. Goalkeeper was sent off (with a round red card) in the days before they had goalkeepers on the bench, striker Niall Quinn went in goal and saved the penalty.

  28. Thanks for this video. Damn, what happened to diving headers? The last one I remember seeing was RvP's at the 2014 World Cup.

  29. Serious question: how is pregnancy handled in women's football? When do women stop playing?

  30. The interesting thing is since Drogb only twice has the golden boot winner played for the PL winning club.

  31. I binged blow for like 2 whole weeks with my ex during lockdowns. Not gonna lie at the time, it was fun. Played DOOM and fortnite like a champ and binged the Sopranos.

  32. I did blow exactly once. It was amazing. Not being able to sleep the next two nights was not.

  33. Dude my ex cheated on me and when we spoke like two years later, she said ' We were together less than six months so I didn't actually cheat on you. We were just a Theory'.

  34. Having 150 IQ is talent though, can't be taught

  35. Depends on how you measure it; IQ tests can be practiced and gamed to get a high score.

  36. The only Vivian I’ve met was also Asian. Weird world.

  37. I live in China, Vivian is like a stock English name for women here (along with Daisy, Apple, Lucy, Cindy, Iris, Rainy, Sally, Amy, Amanda, and probably some others I'm forgetting)

  38. Kevin is a super common name. Allen, Jack, Eason, Jason, Thomas (not Tom, Thomas lol), Jerry, Leo, David are all also very common.

  39. how is it less bad? millions of animals are still dying. would you say someone who eats meat but doesn’t eat dairy and eggs is “less bad?” why are you trying so hard to defend these industries?

  40. The whole David Luiz to PSG was weird, sold him for +£40m, bought him back for less than half what, a year later?

  41. As a Chelsea fan I can admit that our spending is ridiculous

  42. Yep it's ridiculous and almost a satire of (some of) the ills of modern football.

  43. It’s just hilarious to me that people were dancing on Chelsea’s grave after losing Roman only to have the new regime spend more money than anyone even thought was possible

  44. It's like when a shounen protagonist is about to be defeated, only to unleash their true potential.

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