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  1. Next question - the game on the 11th is a pool game so included?

  2. The year when everybody was crap (and we still scraped at least two of those wins) and we only won because Dupont booted it out on the full before final team?

  3. Yep definitely not because we we still half decent then, can’t give him too much credit.

  4. We weren't half decent in 2020. Same story in 2011 when we won that year too.

  5. We won a single 6 nations between 2003 and 2015. I’m sorry but you are simply not going to convince me that winning a six nations in any year amounts to “achieving nothing of note”.

  6. Yeah great news on Marco, interested to see Bello too now he’s done with Argentina. Pifeleti played most of the match v Heat, some dodgy throwing though, I’d start Dan over him!

  7. Segun, Malins and Maitland all down at the moment from what I can recall :/

  8. Maitland has played the last few prem matches, think he’s ok.

  9. Interesting signing there, guessing our injuries in the backs are more substantial than first apparent.

  10. He’s been a scrum half for most of his career but seems to be playing wing a lot more these days which is an odd transition to make at 34!

  11. I mean Clive had some low moments too, Eddie never got us spanked 76-0 (or dumped out of our own World Cup by a wales team held together with string for that matter), so the “worst week in English rugby history” is frankly a load of bollocks. If Eddie is to be replaced then it definitely shouldn’t be by a grandad who has been out of the game for 17 years and who goes on ITV and admits he has no idea who Ollie Lawrence is.

  12. Didn’t Australia knock us out rather than Wales?

  13. It was a joint effort but the Wales game broke us IMO.

  14. You beat us in the challenge cup last year although I think we’re in a better place this time round. If it’s a horrible day though, you just need to bring the scrum and Bofelli’s boot again

  15. Won’t be the last, a lot of ageing England internationals I could see moving on. Talk of George to Clermont and I could see the Vunipolas going too.

  16. Losing George and LCD would be a catastrophe for England. We have no depth at hooker beyond them

  17. Post World Cup we need to start looking beyond them anyway.

  18. That was a fair play, there was nothing on for Smith and Raynal had been whistle happy all game. To fight back all that way then lose to a pen would’ve been devastating and they would’ve been pilloried for it.

  19. Maro used to regularly steal lineouts but it looks like he’s put on weight to improve carrying to the detriment of the rest of his game. Lawes still competes but he’s the only one seemingly.

  20. Not having Kruis is by far the biggest reason England set piece has fallen off a cliff. That and starting LCD instead of George.

  21. I’m probably still holding on to the good times too much but I can’t believe that a coach as good as Jones and a squad as good as ours is the level it has been playing at. Also a new coach would have 8 games to turn things around, that’s just not enough time.

  22. A bit niche but I’m not a huge fan of how far round scrum halves can get round on opposition scrums to disrupt the person playing the ball. It makes an already frustrating and scrappy part of the game even more messy and you see less first phase moves because of it.

  23. That’s down to referees not policing this well enough. Defending SH should not be touching, pushing, shoving his opposite SH. Police the offside line better and stop the interference. It doesn’t need a new law.

  24. We can say that about lots of laws unfortunately. I think the refs especially are looking at so much at scrum time it’s hard for them to monitor this part, a tweak to the current law would instantly help.

  25. As a tighthead, I'd ping Malherbe there for boring in. Whether he engaged in a straight position and Mako made the first angle initially and Frans followed through is hard to know. Do we know what minute of the game this was?

  26. Pretty sure there is an over head shot and SA are driving in and Mako is driving straight

  27. It’s in my comment above, Malherbe is at an angle and Mako’s hip is next to Itoje’s head from what I can see.

  28. Absolutely stealing a living.

  29. There might be a spot free soon, is your gran available?

  30. Have a look at our lineup, the only people who’d be near a first choice XV would be Wray and Christie. Majority of the backline are straight out of school.

  31. Not the best of crowds, I don’t want to be harsh on Tel Aviv (it’s not their fault!) but when everyone else is welcoming the baabaas or SA A to town it’s a bit frustrating we haven’t got a fixture of similar calibre and allure.

  32. To be fair if we’d played the babas today they’d have probably stuck a hundred on us

  33. Well I like to think we’d have played a few less 18 year olds in that had been the case but still it’s more about the baabaas playing than the score.

  34. Apart from the Etzebeth try I can’t think of too many calls I disagreed with. Seems churlish to get too upset about the referee after being so obviously second best in every department.

  35. Etzebeth try came directly from Hill being an idiot too, so we easily could’ve avoided it anyway.

  36. What do you think the problem with Itoje is? Obviously he's intelligent, super athletic but something seems to be missing.

  37. In 2019 we had 4 great locks. Kruis, Itoje, Lawes and Launchbury. Kruis retired, Lawes slimmed down and can only play at 6 now and Launchbury has been injured pretty much ever since. We have never replaced these guys with equal quality. It looks to me that in order to take up some of the slack Maro has taken more things onto his plate (such as calling the lineout) and put on some weight to bolster the scrum and improve his carrying (which is the one thing that has never been particularly good). Unfortunately in doing so it seems to have diminished the things he was truly great at- stealing lineouts, catching players behind the gainline with dominant tackles and jackaling.

  38. I appreciate this write up mate, thank you. It's amazing what a little insight and context can do. Do you think Ribbans is the answer or do they need to find someone closer to Kruis because that combo with Itoje was well balanced

  39. I honestly don’t watch enough of Ribbans to say. I think Isiekwe could be as he is very big and loves the lineout but he hasn’t got long until the World Cup to get some more caps under his belt. However he does have an existing club relationship with Maro which we could build on. I’m not really sure what the answer is to be honest.

  40. I think they have a bit of PTSD. Their forwards look good agains all other teams, but if they face South Africa they fall into the fetus position and suck their thumps.

  41. I don’t think our forwards have looked good since 2019. We’ve not physically dominated a team since then, the best we’ve achieved is parity.

  42. Unless he grows a foot and puts on 5 stone probably not.

  43. Who knew we needed Youngs at 9 and Farrell at 10 to attack??

  44. As the original tweet says brothers/families, the Farrell family have got 1153 altogether. Andy only scored 5 of those points but still…

  45. He had another son when he was coaching England and Owen was starting his international career. I wonder if there’s any chance of him emerging as another superstar.

  46. Imagine turning up at training for the first time, no pressure lad!

  47. Only until the end of the season and the RFU have said Wasps and Worcester players can be selected for England no matter where they play until the end of the season.

  48. Yeah maybe that's the case. I just worry we're a little light at 9 in terms of depth and he seemed to just fit straight in, whereas de Haas, as you say need a lot more game time. Maybe that will work, I wasn't sure on van Zyl at the beginning of the season but I think he's really improved with the amount of game time he's been getting

  49. Yeah similar story with our hookers, I was worried about the guys coming in after Jamie and Wolfy but Dan in particular has really stepped up.

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