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  1. Police are doing a bang up job keeping illegal guns off the streets. Maybe one more law restricting law abiding citizens would help

  2. Not wanting kids and criminals to have untraceable guns seems to be an unpopular opinion here lately.

  3. Fun fact, if you remove the serials from a normal gun, it becomes a ghost gun. Doing this is FAR easier than 3d printing a reliable firearm.

  4. Assuming you aren't a felon and can't buy the gun in the first place, but then nothing is stopping people from buying the parts to build the ghost gun.

  5. Sure, but also keep in mind that career criminals have networks where they can aquire legally purchased firearms "under the table" and then modify them as they see fit, such as removing identifiers like serials.

  6. When stray aluminum blocks start killing random kids we can worry about that.

  7. It's also how they "launder" a stolen gun they just replace the frame with one without a serial.

  8. Seems like gang members are getting caught with these things more than anyone else.

  9. Gitmo doesn’t have any room to spare, especially with the incoming mass arrests of the pedophile cabal that’s about to happen any day now, according to Qanon.

  10. Well the did just give Gaetz girlfriends sister immunity to testify.

  11. What kind of idiot had soldiers out at the border? They don't have any of the same legal protection as LEO those people are about to get paid.

  12. I think performing activism in his name is an appropriate honor.

  13. Cop pulls over a driver and while they are standing on the side of the road, another cop drives to the scene. They’re not entirely sure how, it might be ice, but he lost control and hit both of them with his car.

  14. True. But lawyers are required to give the best defense they can for their clients, even going as far as trying maneuvers that are likely to fail. This just feels like SOP to me.

  15. I am not sure making your defense look desperate is the winning strategy here.

  16. Why some students? Why not all?

  17. If a gang is set out to kill a specific person/people they will do it with or without the use of a gun

  18. Even if you accept that if they don't have guns it would reduce the bystanders that tend to be victims when these people are spraying bullets down the street.

  19. "Gang violence" is what black and brown people do. "American gun culture" is only good wholesome activities like Christmas tree photos, whitetail hunting, and the constant daydream of getting the green light to murder someone through the legal protection of experiencing a home invasion, carjacking, or robbery.

  20. I find it hilarious the same people that ridicules people for posting guns and cash on social media will create Christmas cards with guns.

  21. It would be more news worthy if they haven't asked for documents like that months ago.

  22. As suing falls under civil lawsuits I don't think it's going to matter in this case. But in general I don't think you can reach an agreement legally to not charge someone if they commit a crime.

  23. Hard to imagine how anything Epstein said could be good for the Pedo Prince.

  24. In this case it looks like the agreement forbids her from suing anybody over any claims

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