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  1. my school spent 1.5 milli on new windows and like 800 racks on toilets if i remember correctly like bruh

  2. I know this doesn’t answer your question but if your doing this for the swag this is a list of repos that are also giving away stuff and normally they stack with the main event -

  3. well, we can help without logs, unfortunately :/

  4. I fixed it by just only running the express server during start and using it to hold the frontend as wel as the api. It worked I assume it was an issue in my package.json when I tried && together commands.

  5. I wouldn’t quit to specifically learn programming, C++ definitely not. For some resources

  6. I’m going to assume both totals haven’t been initialized so at the start set them both to 0. Also, using ++ as the plus 1 operator may help

  7. They were initialized to 0. I also tried incrementing with ++ and that didn't fix it either.

  8. How exactly is it inputted, is it supposed to be one by one or can it be one string. It would assume you add one to the string before then while loop then you’re adding one into the string every single time you don’t find an X. Currently looking at the code nothing looks wrong, maybe remove the using namespace::std because it’s not a great practice.

  9. I do see that so yeah I'll swap Garrison for witness and cut lampad and Edgard for oven rites and dispute not too sure what should come out for the cats though.

  10. If you're playing 3 or 4x Midnight Reaper I wouldn't worry about having Dispute, it's only better because Rakdos gets access to [[Mayhem Devil]] So rites would be better in our case, just as long as those Cauldron Familiars are in. As for Bant, 4 [[Fatal Push]] and/or some [[Thoughtseize]] (Tho Quite Expensive]] in the side are going to help against that matchup, unfortuantely, all [[Grafdigger's Cage]] and [[Containment Priest]] effects are universal so unless you dumped cat combo, which probably isn't worth it, you don't have things solely for COCO. Meathook and Priest are fantastic against them and being able to passively gain and drain is going to make the game pass longer, which is something they don't want.

  11. How many rites ovens and cats should I have? I have each as a 4 of and I'm at 66 cards

  12. Having 4 Thoughtseizes is a major win btw, aside from that the Cats and Ovens should be a full 4 of each. Maybe only 2 Rites, because it’s still really good with a bunch of tokens and athreos but having 4 can definitely feel awkward. This would then mean you’d have to trim in 4 spots or cut a playset of something. Maybe Trim a bastion, definelty the shadows of the past(It's a worse Weatherlight, scry every turn isn't that good by itself), and maybe a Serrated Scorpion. Additionally, 4x [[Hostile Hotel is a little risky thought it's cool, probably only 2 or 3 of those]]

  13. In my experience most libraries I write have spawned off an existing project or projects. The flow usually happens that I start writing a project (for work or fun) I recognize a problem that needs to be solved that I have already implemented a solution for in another project, so I will take time and break that code into its own library so I can share it across both projects, and from there the library just becomes another tool I use in lots of different places.

  14. are there exercises in a movie? are there exercises in a programming book? fucking retard

  15. This post is seemingly just a plea that you're an intermediate C++ programmer, so if that's what you want people to think then so be it, but there are multiple factors to this book. C++ is hard and from what I've seen it takes years and years to get up to increasing speed. For Example, I've been using it for about 2 years and still consider myself somewhat of a beginner with the language.

  16. Reading a book doesn’t mean you know the language although it will take a lot to master. The best way to determine if you’re a beginner or intermediate is what code you write.

  17. As mentioned I would use new and delete instead of the C-style. Additionally use Range Based For Loops where possible and making some variables to private is a big reason for getter and setter functions. Also, was there a actual problem or was this just supposed to be a code review

  18. I wouldn’t be crazy saying that the Mono R vs Mono U matchup is like a 70-30 in favor of Mono Red, right? It just feels so impossible to beat a player with a decent hand because they curve out so well. Other than that the deck seems to do what it does best, be consistent. Congrats

  19. Wait, have you not finished the game or is it already network setup. If you don’t have multiplayer I wouldn’t see a reason to setup any form of networking.

  20. I would recommend VS CODE just because it’s pretty easy to use. Just install the C++ Extension pack and ClangD plus some others you can find around for nice formatting and it’ll work fine. Everything integrates quite nicely. Aside from that you can always pay the premium for CLion but that’s if you’re willing to pay

  21. Yeah I've been popping with it. I've been in the finals twice and the Semifinals once. Deck feels Stronk

  22. Cmake and vcpkg is a way to get just about everything you need with all the installs. They’ll even give the target_link_libraries and find_package commands that you’ll need

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