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  1. I once found copies of Animal Farm in the children’s section of a book shop, I’m not sure if they understood talking animals wasn’t for the kids

  2. It was assigned reading for me at school when I was 12 🤷🏻‍♀️ Freaked most of us out pretty good.

  3. In the Cute Shop event… I passed the Gold Level score, but didn’t receive the pin or the skill ticket :(

  4. Any tiered rewards you earn for the Cute Shop event will be awarded at the end of the event (because the tiers change up until 6-12 hours before the event ends).

  5. Anyone else sense a “passing” of the TLJ and Reylo fans on the main subreddit?

  6. TLJ and Reylo fans are just tired of arguing. We’re not going to make you like a movie you hate so we’ve moved on. Different strokes for different folks. I still love Star Wars and consider myself a “genuine fan” though I don’t interact with others online about it as much now that the sequel hype has died down. My affection for the franchise feels more personal at this point and I don’t need to validate the parts of it I love by getting others to agree with me. This goes for in person interactions as well. I have a coworker who loves Kylo but disliked TLJ. We don’t try to change each other’s minds about the film, but bond over our shared interests in the characters.

  7. I was in high school (15), but I was NOT ready for the unpleasant marriage sex scene in Snow Falling on Cedars. This was not an assigned book but it was on a list of acceptable books to do a report on. I was able to switch books luckily, but did not explain to my teacher why lol.

  8. I have maleficent dragon and been trying but can only get 2… :(

  9. Make smaller chains because when you let go she removes the ones around it. If I’m going for time bubbles with her I try for chains of three near the bottom of the screen.

  10. I have ridiculous sleep issues; so I am usually up in the middle of the night. I usually hit the app around the time the new tsums are released and have had some better luck at that time. I will also close and reopen the box if a get a couple repeats in a row. I usually get the new tsums pretty easily doing that.

  11. Now that I’ve said this though next month I bet I’ll have HORRIBLE luck😂😂

  12. I'm not sure if it's friendly to others but I took the 1 a day (1 a day ya right it's really 2 pills) women's petite complete multivitamin and I haven't had issues .

  13. I had my endo a few weeks ago and no one told me to stop the PPI. Afterward though, my doctor asked if I had stopped them (No, no one told me to), and said that h pylori can be hard to detect while on them, so now I have to go back for a breath test in a few months (quitting the PPI one week in advance). I’m nervous to stop taking them for a week 😬 but I also want answers.

  14. It could be. I was in a similar situation. I developed gastritis symptoms a month ago and they ruled out my gallbladder first. They said it looked perfect via ultrasound. The next step was endoscope and yep, gastritis. My follow up today was disappointing though because the biopsies did not reveal a cause. Dr. doesn’t know if it’s acute or chronic yet. Going back in a couple months for a breath test to rule out H. Pylori, but for now I’m just taking my medicine and eating a bland diet. I’m terrified the chest pain and nausea will return.

  15. Ariel, Cruz Ramirez, Scrooge, Bat Hat Minnie, Beast, Supreme Leader Kylo, and now Rugby Mickey

  16. No, but my gastritis does!

  17. Same. I’ve been having the same problem with chest pressure and nausea so I thought it was gerd, but endoscopy just revealed gastritis/esophagitis.

  18. Anywhere I can read more about that japanese village? Super fascinating!!

  19. I first found out about this at the Museum of Vancouver I believe. There was a small display. Otherwise, if you Google it, several articles come up. Pretty interesting 🙂

  20. I came down with GERD symptoms a couple weeks ago right before the trip I’m currently on. I’ve been terrified of it coming back, especially the chest pressure and nausea. At restaurants I eat next to nothing. Dry toast, a bowl of rice, apple juice if they have it. Then I keep things in my hotel fridge to fill up on later. Soy milk, bran flakes, fat free yogurt. I also keep bananas in my bag for when we go out for lengthier amounts of time. A couple of times we’ve managed to come across a place with a reflux friendly smoothie which made me the happiest :) Having to quit coffee cold turkey has been the hardest part :’(

  21. i actually used Sadness for this! 5>4 and a Bubble ticket and got it first try!

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