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  1. I am still writing it so i didn't publish it yet , i may finish the first arc this week end and it isn't a grimdark book like RI so i don't plan to publish anywhere yet .

  2. I am sure it'll turn out fine. As for my new work, I have not yet published it. However, I already have a contract with Webnovel for my first book, so they are my top priority.

  3. Do you mind if i ask how did you get a contract ?

  4. Kidd is supposed to be an example of a rookie who got big fast, and let his strength get to his head. He's an example of a pirate who has no patience, and goes after what he wants, when he wants it.

  5. Couldn't that all applied to Luffy but 10 worse ?

  6. I think its to show the shift in character dynamics. Kid is no longer Luffy's rival. Shanks is now Luffy's rival. Kid has experienced a defeat that parallels Luffy's in Sabody, where if was to return, he would have to go through an enormous amount of growth as a leader, in spirit (haki) and as a fleet commander.

  7. I mean already experienced a heavy defeat .

  8. It will devour every other path .

  9. Lol no. This feat is better then anything Kaido has done.

  10. Sure one shotting Shanks , is better than fighting basically the whole alliance by himself .

  11. "Qin wouldn't have happend", but Qin has been the main aggressor in China way before Sei came around, way before Sei was born.

  12. I don't think it matter , the strong always oppress the weak , Qin just happen to be the strongest most of the time .

  13. Bruuh berserk gets cucked by griffith and his gf r.ped and a horse rpe scene too lmfao, griffith is okay, guts is a cuck

  14. Lol how is this even a argument .

  15. Funny how the guy who treat as retarded also make retarded argument .

  16. you seem a bit confused. what are you saying exactly?

  17. My point is quite clear , FY will assimilate the world . It is the reason why the gu world want to kill FY so much .

  18. You are right but likely for the wrong reasons .

  19. Ouhon is really ultra competitive .

  20. I hope he goes and take drinks with them in heaven or hell too .

  21. Its a manga about war and conquest. Obviously they are invaders. If you're expecting someone with a goody-two-shoes attitude always clinging to the moral high ground go read Naruto or some shit.

  22. Nah ma guy , those guy are literally the guy who torture people , they are the equivalent of that psycho nazi doctor who tortured child . They are the worst scumbag who have no limits , if we can take them in , it means they can take anyone who decide to change ?

  23. this is just concerning, you're not even talking to me at this point or even responding to anything i've said

  24. They are both right . War is just a slaughterhouse where people die but depending on you goal it can became more .

  25. Heki is not liked because he's not great at anything he is just average/ good. He can't overpower his opponents or tactically better his opponents and those arguably are the best parts of the manga.

  26. I think Heki getting so high quickly is a part of it but i will highly disagree about him being highly incompetent .

  27. Heki is strong and smart for his own right and he is overall good guy, That’s the thing I like about him.

  28. That is the thing , Heki is very everywhere but when you put alongside Shin Mouten and Ouhon who are the most promising young general in the whole of China he look bad .

  29. I'm not sure why such a significant portion of the fandom places Ouki and Renpa on some ridiculous pedestal that the new crop of GGs can't match. Ouki literally says the next generation of generals will surpass the previous ones. Is there any reason to believe the likes of Ousen, Yotanwa or Kanki aren't on the same level as Ouki and Renpa?

  30. I mean yeah they are beast they git taken out by situation that most general would have died in .

  31. Hara is trying so much to make us sympathise and buy the Kaine & Riboku thing it's jarring

  32. To be fair he managed to make like pr appreciate Kanki for a lot of us and .

  33. He lived true to himself until the very end .

  34. Last day it was about Mouten and Aisen , now that .

  35. The most underdeveloped char in the manga. Unironically the very best chapters in kingdom he is not a major part in it.

  36. Get it out before it get stuck .

  37. Try to use you brain and understand the context of my argument , it would make more sense like that .

  38. Obviously, Riboku is too passive (and conservative) on the political front and that is ultimately what will bring down Zhao one way or the other. I'm just saying that Riboku isn't protecting Zhao to protect the corrupt officials or that sick teenage king.

  39. But his reason is the most cliche reason ever. He had someone he loved. That someone was killed in a gruesome manner. He became a psycho.

  40. Yeah because his flashback isn’t mean to justify his action ? It is just ´ explain the type of men he is .

  41. I mean, fair enough, but then whats the reason for the flashback? It didnt add to his character, we already knew he was a psycho. The only thing its doing is act as a death flag.

  42. It explain the men he was , how he was different from the start , what type of environnement he grew in and what pushed someone who was grey toward the dark side .

  43. Shin did not deny it though, even when the Kochou commander was clearly imprecise.

  44. I don’t know how you even found this comment lol .

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