News from Tranquilbez22

  1. Did I see something somewhere that the guy who owns King St wants to turn half of it into a Cambo style stage area for non EDM acts?

  2. Yep that's exactly what they're doing.

  3. Oh I'm sorry, There were literal nazis and far right groups at Transphobic rallies at the weekend and I'm supposed to only care about the class system? Get fucked.

  4. Fixing workers rights will fix everyone's rights. Instead of piecemeal incremental changes which help 1% of the population at a time, we can solve for workers rights and everyone will benefit.

  5. Dude, you're not getting it. Nazis are an incredibly tough issue atm and are targeted a lot of marginalised groups. So maybe pull your fucking head in.

  6. Have they been playing boygenius - Not Strong Enough on the station yet? It's so good

  7. According to Triple J plays Twitter. They’ve only been played three times in five years.

  8. What really? Emily I'm sorry was added to the hitlist on Spotify in January

  9. Jameela Jamil. A lot of people dumped on her because of her numerous health issues for some reason.

  10. Fun fact, the narrator is Nigel Planner aka Neill from The Young Ones.

  11. Haven’t had the chance to sit down with it but I liked what I’ve heard on the radio. Kali has always been one of those artists that I need to listen to more of because “After The Storm” from like 5 years ago is a banger.

  12. The music is nice, ethereal and very much her style, but her sound bites for triple J were strange. Pretty sure half way thru the week they swapped them out for introduction done by the station.

  13. Maybe they couldn’t get her for all of it on the phone? I do like her speaking voice though.

  14. Steve Jobs is overlooked because people think it’s gonna be like the Ashton Kutcher one

  15. Stormzy and Skepta are officially shitlisted for me. Never again will I be heartbroken by them pulling out. Every god damn time

  16. It’s a fair trade off. Better than last year where they replaced Milky Chance with Lime Cordiale

  17. God I’m so glad for the tap on/off system. Especially they now use debit cards on my watch.

  18. Wargames is too Chaotic for me atm but everything else is great.

  19. I got Newcastle tickets as part of my Christmas Presents last year. Totally understandable but I’m also gutted that I have to wait a little longer to see one of my favourite Aussie acts.

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