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  1. It went the Lost route, where they totally lost the plot and just starting shoving as many interesting ideas as they could into one show with no plan to actually implement them properly

  2. With any luck, we’ll start seeing big TnA in entertainment again since feminists are kind of focused on bigger issues at the moment

  3. Now someone needs to do the LibRight and AuthLeft versions next

  4. Best story to come out of modern South Park, if I'm being honest

  5. Someone is going to try to make an NFT from a fetus soon, I just know it

  6. If anything, the Supreme Court just made that even easier by constitutionally legalizing concealed carry

  7. “DOESN’T COUNT! See, I wrote on his forehead it says DOESN’T COUNT! Idiot!”

  8. People who wish they were something else instead of appreciating the beauty of what they already have will always be the most miserable, pathetic fucks on planet earth.

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