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Supreme Court overturns Roe v. Wade; states can ban abortion

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  1. The next supreme Court decision is likely to be completely gutting the EPA and by extension every single federal regulatory agency.

  2. I mean, this is exactly what people requested. An online living ruleset that allowed for a changing meta. Personally I'm excited to try out new lists, and get some games in. Between the CA changes, points, and these it's great to see some shake ups every couple months.

  3. I think people were requesting "balanced rules with minor tweaks as quickly as possible". This yoyo of completely adding & removing rules, 30% points increases, 5 different places to look up the rules for a single detachment army is not what we wanted.

  4. Most homes in Australia use "Reverse Cycle air conditioning", otherwise known as "heat pumps", which can cool in summer and heat in winter. So the statement may be correct although misleading.

  5. I've done a reasonable amount of production code in F#, where the native "list" type is a singly-linked list. Something about being able to easily separate a list in to (head element)+(another list) makes for some elegant code.

  6. Discussed rationally, then dismissed. For being a bonkers-level stupid financial proposition.

  7. Wouldn't a sensible option then be to discuss it rationally, allow it in principle, but still have no nuclear built if it's not financially viable?

  8. Every time I hear about lobbying/bribery/corruption I'm amazed by how little money is actually involved.

  9. Where did this Teal Independent term come from and what does it mean?

  10. pro action on climate change, liberals on everything else

  11. Many of your players will be starting with single digit HP and at risk of dying to a stiff breeze. The initial 4 goblins can be a deadly encounter. Work out how to pull your punches, or give your players a defensive or HP boost so they don't get TPK on the first dice roll.

  12. In my opinion lots of discussion about gun crime focusses too much on deaths rather than other violent crime.

  13. I'll caveat that I don't believe this, but to play devil's advocate, those opposing abortion would argue that the rights of the unborn child are being violated. So a law against abortion would be no different than laws against murder in their mind, both protecting public safety. Same goes for anyone aiding and abetting a murder.

  14. I guess the counterpoint to this is the "violinist" thought experiment.

  15. Because ignorant people think secret ballots are somehow magical and prevent coercion rather than the reality that orchestrating an organized, statistically significant voting coercion scheme secret ballots or not would be impossible to hide and comically illegal.

  16. There are right-wing groups RIGHT NOW in the USA that are sending armed people, impersonating government officials, to minority voters' houses, and trying to intimidate them in to revealing who they voted for.


  18. "Then, Labor will seek to amend the bill in the Senate. If the Senate amends the bill, Labor says it will “insist” on its amendments, and keep sending the bill back to the House until it agrees."

  19. You should still be angry. Without Labor support in the house, it can still possibly fail there.

  20. Any tips for magnets? I always get them superglued to myself

  21. Our party is now 15th level and the wizard is using Demiplane to collect monsters like Pokemon. There are about 6-7 demiplanes with various baddies that at one stage were our problem, and the intent is to make them someone else's problem.

  22. I think it's very interesting that he admonishes the government for operating via "opinion polls" and not according to the medical recommendations; and then moments later admonishes them again for abdicating responsibility to the medical professionals and not governing properly.

  23. I have recently been getting issues with prints starting to 'delaminate' after an otherwise successful print but before post-curing. The print looked fine out of the printer & while washing but the lines showed up the next day and have got progressively worse.

  24. if your in Australia you can get IPA easy from any chemical wholesaler

  25. The last few times I tried they were completed sold out (making hand sanitizer instead...) But I see it has come back in stock, I will need to get some :)

  26. I don't think we've seen bottom yet. There are some experimental lists going around, but the recent winners have been skewing into sicarans or cult models. If you don't already own those models in quantity then from a price perspective the new codecies coming out are a tempation to abandon the faction.

  27. That's what strikes me about admech: more than many other factions, admech is expensive in $$ and the units that are considered meta has changed drastically. Breaches => ironstriders => rangers/Vanguard => horses/sicarans => archeocopters => ... An admech meta chaser could have bought multiple max sized units of every unit in the codex by now at nearly 5 figures in cost.

  28. Yep. The first tournament build I remember required 1 of each model kit and a knight. Crazy.

  29. If it was only 1 of each kit that would be fine 😅 but I bought 8 boxes of Rangers, 6 of Sicarans, 5 of Serberys, 2 planes (and am very lucky that I was able to cancel my order of 4 more), 9 ironstriders, and all of that was still only a halfway / compromise towards the big namers tournament winning lists.

  30. Yup. Pc gaming is going to have a slow and drawn out death if these prices keep going. I know more and more pc gamers looking to get a ps5 or series x rather than upgrade their pc.

  31. Honestly, do graphics NEED to keep updating? AAA games are pretty damn good these days.

  32. My local tournament circuit makes heavy use of this plastic/foam board terrain. It's cheap, light, pretextured, and specifically sized/designed for 9th edition competitivd tournaments

  33. From your link: "There remains a substantial gap between what governments have promised to do and the total level of actions they have undertaken to date. "

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