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  1. Google calendar + Tasks does the job for me. I would like tasks to have a bit more options but well

  2. I bought the big Centris for a room half that size (28sqm/92sqf), but a bit higher than regular at 3,3m/11ft.

  3. Was thinking about that one. One of my favourite movies!

  4. I thought you meant golf courses, I would fly to you right now

  5. I wouldn’t spend $6k for knowledge that’s literally free to you on YouTube and the internal resources you have.

  6. Yea sure but it's free so it would be a waste for me not to use the 6k

  7. I spoke to Sony on website and they said A75K is same as A80K just worse audio, stand and old remote. I bet they're the same brightness-wise as the A80K isn't very bright, significantly less than the C2.

  8. 😑 podcast celebrities on Huberman, not unexpected, but kind of a bummer

  9. He’s podcast is rooted in ”giving science based tools to the everyday public”.

  10. That is true but andrew is also on trt depending on dosages he is more than likely having more testosterone than me.

  11. He was on a low dose just because he was going to write about it in his book. Not much at all

  12. Bro are you blind? Huberman is super jacked and other podcast people have talked about how frickin huge he is without a shirt on and that he’s built like a gorilla. And that is coming from Chris williamson who is jacked as well.

  13. I mean sure, though I think that this looks better tbh. And I can just use the space that is over for a cabinet storage or something

  14. Would depend on the finishes of some things, but light strips in the kitchen could look nice. 1 for the toe kick, 1 under the upper cabinets, and 1 over the upper cabinets.

  15. The toilet is actually the most roomy imo. I got a toilet, normal shower, a washing/dryer mashing and hand wash.

  16. This sounds really really sketchy. Does this website have any information regarding its warranty and return policy? Are there reviews for this website to prove its legitimacy?

  17. No it's the biggest store in my country for office equipment with very good and many reviews.

  18. Sony A80K, Samsung s95b or LG C2. One of those unless A95K is under 3000. I would choose based on preference of picture and what you mostly use the tv for, as well as what room it's placed in and how the lighting is there. My recommendation would be C2, since that is the most bang for your buck

  19. I highly recommend Apple 4k TV if you’re an Apple user. Great interface and fast. Using your phone as a remote is very nice. Plus, screen mirroring is better.

  20. Yea I've heard alot of positive stuff about it, will probably buy

  21. What everyone else is saying is true. The only thing missing is the part about addiction. I started out with a 3 light starter pack from Costco. Shortly after I bought 4 more white bulbs on clearance. Then another 3 light starter pack on sale at Costco. I’ve continued to feed the addiction and now have about 40 bulbs and devices (switches, motion sensors, etc). I’m about to start configuring my second bridge. I need help…. I’m a hue addict.

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