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  1. I’ve got a good friend in management consulting who has qualified for Kona. I’ll get his insights and plot them here. It’s hard, but possible.

  2. ASICS Noosa Tri 14. Dollar for dollar the best shoe I own. Nearly as fast as my supershoes, but with none of the bells and whistles or stack height. Super light, started off firm but are now softer yet responsive, great geometry / rocker and overall comfort. Simply one of the best do it all shoes at a great price point. Probably not as “low to the ground” as my On Cloudflow, but more leg saving and can go for longer distances.

  3. You can do this. 8 months is plenty. I went from about 200m to 1KM in 3-4 weeks by doing 3 swims a week, including 1 small group session with a coach at the local swimming pool. And I still only know how to freestyle. Did a big write up in another post about the best resources I found along the way and all the learnings from race day.

  4. Awesome write up :) And nice implementation of the links! I'm going to check them all out today. I also signed up for a sprint tri, without knowing how to run and swim :D. But its a funny journey till now!

  5. The "wetsuit tires arms" seems like a fit issue or perhaps improperly putting it on (very common).

  6. It might well be. I'm at the top of the weight range for my size M. Thanks for that tip!

  7. One of my friends who has done this event a few times told me the same thing, so I’m glad it’s one less thing to worry about. I’m glad I gave myself the 12 weeks to train because I will definitely need all of it. I swam for 20 minutes yesterday but could only do 50m of freestyle at a time and about 100m of breaststroke (which was a lot easier for me). I’m telling myself that it’s just like it was when I started running after being totally sedentary… I didn’t go out and immediately run a 5k without stopping. I ran/walked and built speed and distance over time.

  8. Per my other thread, I went from a few laps to 1km in a matter of weeks by going to an adult swim lesson for 60min, and adding 2 other easy swims (20-30mins) every week. Yes I had to sacrifice my main love of running and cut that down, but it was worth it. Best of luck!

  9. I think the Cloud Monster is the best On shoe I own. Find it similar to Endorphin Speed 3 in that it has a non carbon plate so provides some stability without the aggressive carbon feeling, a wider forefoot base for some toe splay, some subtle “neutral support” elements without feeling intrusive and a good rocker. The foam is firmer but ES3 but the firmness provides nice pop.

  10. I went to do my first sprint tri (4 years later that’s still my distance) without open water experience - I thought my workouts of 2-3x the distance in the pool would be good enough. I got in, caught a hand to the goggles about 15 meters in, and turned around to drop out. I wasn’t ready. It’s a whole different ballgame when there’s wind, bodies galore, and you can’t see anything but black through your goggles. Go do some open water now, even if it’s cold.

  11. No shame in this. I've NEVER thought of quitting in anything I've ever done in life, and I considered dropping out during the swim.

  12. Adding to the chorus here advising you to practice (even for 10 mins) open water swimming in a wetsuit before race day. Nothing new on race day! It's not about the feeling of the wetsuit in a pool (which will just give you false confidence from the buoyancy), it's about the feeling of being in a dark bottomless lake / sea with people thrashing about, that you need to get your head around.

  13. Yes I believe so. My friend used a random chest strap from his gym and got a result on his Garmin.

  14. Dumb question, but your ecg strap was verified connected during the activity?

  15. All good, it was connected (I checked under the watch band and the lights were off, but still giving readings), and seems to work fine giving readings… will do it again.

  16. You haven’t tried a triathlon and talking about an Ironman? There’s likely a range of super sprint, sprint, Olympic distance and other events locally that you may be able to find, without going all out on an “Ironman” (which may itself take a couple of years to build up to and train for, by which time your situation may have changed)?

  17. If this is your first triathlon, just go out and do it with what you have been training with. The worst thing you can do 3 weeks from the race is to introduce a whole new setup to what you are normally used to. You want to try and reduce as much cognitive thought as you can during the race, so you can be relaxed and have a good race.

  18. I agree with everything here! Especially don’t forget lube on your neck for the wetsuit swim, and nothing new on race day.

  19. Thank you - good advice and have decided to stick with flat pedals for this race. Also, yes thank you for the reminder to have fun!

  20. As a follow up, I installed the clipless, went to a grassy area and did 10-15 slow motion falls (it was a bit wet and uneven ground), tried again on flat terrain the same day and fell one time… and looked into it a bit further and have decided to switch back to flat pedals for the tri (now 15 days away).

  21. This auto generated cc is giving Korean only option right now.

  22. Go back into the same menu, under Korean there is another button called auto translate. Click that.

  23. Just got back from a run. It is odd , when I’m running it does not feel like I am hitting the heel first!

  24. Scott Galloway shows this interesting chart that tracks happiness over a lifetime and the low point is when you have young kids AND old parents to look after, realise that you’re not going to be rich/famous like you dreamt of when you were younger, have a mortgage, stuck with a bunch of responsibilities at work but not as much power as those above you, etc.

  25. Yep it's very much a either or, and then you're free to ignore both.

  26. I’ve also tried to follow the suggestions closely, based on HR. And yes, agree re bike vs run.

  27. Thanks for creating and maintains the site. It’s a “must view” for me before making a purchasing decision.

  28. A particularly boring episode in the scheme of The Last of Us. There are all time great episodes, and then episodes like this one, which leave me with mixed feelings about the show.

  29. Yeah women tend to be generally lower body stronger. Which is why I said it’s better to separate the genders. I feel like ultimately the women seemed to play mostly supportive roles and became somewhat sacrificial lambs.

  30. I don’t know about that. It was great to see Eunsil (sp?) and her team take it to the huge wrestler in the bridge challenge and win, and likewise take it to Ironman’s team in the boat challenge and get close. I respect her so much because she was on the same field. Completely segregating them into different competitions would take this element away.

  31. But that would be unfair to heavier guys as strength doesn’t grow proportionate to body weight. In the end we have to accept that a lot of things in the show wasn’t fair and not ideal to find the “ideal” physical body, whatever that is.

  32. I like it precisely because it’s unfair but in a different direction! As you say, none of the games were “fair”.

  33. The reasons aren't so obvious! Giving so much screentime to the captains was still an edition choice.

  34. They were more popular among peers, more marketable, better “physically” (looks wise), and had leadership responsibilities. The ratings were probably better because of Ironman, Sexyama, eunsil, etc. so I don’t blame the producers for spotlighting them.

  35. Yeah, if you read my comment I very explicitly say it's OK they give screentime to the celebs. They should!

  36. Having said all of this, are you tuning into Season 2? Because I sure am! Or “international edition” or whatever spinoff!

  37. WJY is super inspiring to me. Like him vs. the other contestants, I'm smaller in height and muscle mass, and not ultra lean either. But I resonate with his ability to keep a steady pace and strong mind (though his tenacity is golden). He deserves lots of recognition.

  38. He’s inspiring because of how normal he looks. There’s a reason no one paid him any attention during the entrance, or while voting for captains, and even the producers and editors didn’t give him enough shine.

  39. I actually love that someone who came "out of nowhere" won. He gad great heart when he allowed min cheol do the rope challenge. I wished he had been a second slower than min cheol in the lock, but fair is fair. He was first place on the turning squares. He was first place on the bell ringing. And he was first in the last challenge despite being smaller than hae min.

  40. Absolutely agree. And on top of that, he is built like a "normal" guy (well relatively speaking compared to the other contestants) so it gives the rest of us hope!!

  41. I find it funny the winner, the person with the 'best physique' is a guy with a belly.

  42. I also thought this (see my post on "top 3 takeaways") then had a look at his IG and he definitely has at least 4-pack and can do 200kg deadlift no problem. Sneaky fit...

  43. Take the cheque and live a little for the next 6-9 months. I mean actually “live”. You might enjoy it.

  44. Ironically, Lex’s reading list and Nassim Taleb’s stirring the pot has led to down a road to read Incerto. I did do 1984 before I got into Incerto though!

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