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  1. I recently bought iPad air 4 for editing photos. And I have pc with professional monitor but nut calibrated 🙄. I have edited photo on iPad when I came back how and view it on monitor the saturation was like 20% higher it was completely different photo... So I'm kinda mad dunno if it's iPad or monitor. Waiting for my friend with 2021 iPad pro so I can tell if my iPad or monitor is the problem.

  2. You cannot do what you wish. Lr on iPad is tied to either a 20 GB or 1TB (or more) subscription. You can import from your external device to the iPad and the photos will upload to the Cloud.

  3. I think you need to tighten slipper clutch. Put in the included wrench and roll truck forward/backwards to tighten/lossen. Don't tighten it all the way or your driveline can gat damaged.

  4. Are you talking about the plug for the balance port?

  5. I mean the hole look it's striped. What the cable is plugged in there's a lot of wobble

  6. Izolačku na autě pochopím, ale na pomlázce?

  7. Modern problems require modern solutions ¯_༼ •́ ͜ʖ •̀ ༽_/¯

  8. I think you could put it in bucket full of slaty water. It will discharge

  9. My son calls them battery bombs when I do this. Lol! I’d maybe use a little less tape if that’s what you’re going to use. Velcro straps would be better. The most important thing is to keep an eye on battery temps and make sure they’re not getting each other hot. If they’re keeping cool, it’s gravy.

  10. They are both 75000mAh 2s 25mm thick. I'm taking it for a walk (light bash) and I don't wanna carry second battery in my pocket.

  11. I think u can buy standard 5mm and drill it out.

  12. I can do electronics okay, but don't want to be stupid with my LiPo bombs. What does that wire even do? How am I supposed to fix it?

  13. I think it's for voltage metering. You can buy telemetry upgrade with voltage metering.

  14. Don't buy the original esc it sucks. I would recommend you to get hobbywing max10 combo and it's even sensored so it will run a lot smoother. And i can take up to 4s. I have max10 and it's amazing! Or you can go castle which might be a little bit better but pricer so...

  15. I'm running m6 driveshafts and use the traxxas HD/cold weather arms. Their a big improvement over the stock arms and I dont have any issues with the shafts popping out.

  16. So i broke the original arm looking for replacement. On teknos website they say u cannot use rpm arms with tekno driveshaft because they flex to much. I have one rpm arm and for now (5packs) no problem. So should i buy one rpm or two original arms-the HD version. Thanks

  17. Which motor fan did you get? I have a 2wd Velineon and she gets hot soooo fast

  18. Already bought truck with it. But i think any 550size cooler will work just fine.

  19. Honestly, an 18T pinion will probably cause it to overheat. It has an 11T stock and I run a 13T with a Max10 combo. I tried a 15T, but it would only run a few minutes before hitting the thermal limit. I don't know about the Velineon, but I suspect that an 18T will probably be too steep. I settled on the 13T and it's plenty fast. A bigger pinion is not always a good thing.

  20. I have max10 and I have run it before for a while and it was fine. I have fan on motor and ESC to.

  21. We do not support windows built in factory reset function as it does not properly wipe and reinstall windows due to needing to run from the hard drive being reset.

  22. Is there any faster way? Because time to time I do get some virus and I'm being tired of reinstalling windows everytime. You need to then install all your programs back etc. It takes a lot of time and it's annoying

  23. This is normal the cv joints bind slightly when at full lock. When you’re driving there’s enough flex and bumps to allow for it and also usually at full lock you go slowly.

  24. I'm having a similar issue. Do you think mine is fine to?

  25. Just make it so there is a little bit of play. If your spur gear starts to shine after ride that means you mash is to tight.

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