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  1. No it’s because the economy is performing better than expected. UK composite PMIs have rebounded strongly across most sectors and the UK grew in January. Last quarter the UK didn’t contract either, unlike some close neighbours.

  2. Is it true that the last quarter's growth was predominantly fueled by people abandoning NHS care and seeking out private healthcare?

  3. I have some sympathy for this chap, because being separated from your child must be hell.

  4. Great news. Low interest rates aren't a sign of a healthy economy.

  5. This wouldn't be an issue if we let the housing market correct. But too many vested interests.

  6. Good lord. People like you get angry about absolutely everything. It's just a common phrase used to describe the distinction between sworn police officers and police staff. You come across as totally hysterical.

  7. Do you not see why fellow civilians might be worried that the cops who are supposed to protect them like to other them or place themselves above them?

  8. It's just a well known and understood phrase. But keep being a sensitive little soul

  9. I thought this was going to be done edgelord shit, but it was actually quite moving.

  10. Yikes, this is going to be awkward for this sub.

  11. I didn't make it a moral issue. I just questioned how much money could be made that way and whether it was worth the effort.

  12. No, contrary, because I and, I think some other antinatalists, despise nature and it's DNA programming. If nature was a sentient being, I would resent it greatly.

  13. I guess the difficulty here is that there is a) the philosophy of anti-natalism itself and b) the additional feelings proponents bring to it.

  14. Does this justify procreation? so we should bring people into existence without consent to experience hardships so they can grow from them?

  15. I guess it depends if you accept the philosophy of stoicism and similar, or whether you adopt a rigid and binary view of hardship, in that it is always worth avoiding.

  16. How to spin a pen around my fingers. Oh, and rollerblading.

  17. Hey, sorry I didn't realise we had to be on at the same time!

  18. Ok I'm available right now! 👍Do the things I said in that last comment, and I'll set the trade code to Jigglypuff Caterpie Squirtle

  19. What tech has UK developed? Besides demanding to censor the US internet...

  20. Well, the world wide web was invented by a British scientist... So there's that.

  21. Brit gpt can you tell me the Spanish word for beer “TWO BEERS MATE YOU KNOW GLUGG GLUG” is the fastest way to get served in Spain

  22. Most translations are simply loudly repeating the English word.

  23. Oh for heaven's sake, just go. And don't ruin it for your wife.

  24. Good lord, don't get a placeholder. It screams I haven't put much thought into this

  25. They would never eat meat after 6 PM…. Because of the implication

  26. I could only think of Dennis when I read that title, and then couldn't take a word of the story seriously.

  27. Okay I got some bits wrong. Just getting annoyed at how much some (not all) the people in these threads never give a shit about rape until it impacts men and now they're all up in arms. Gets hard to differentiate between misogynists and people giving a shit.

  28. And you wonder why so many young impressionable boys gravitate towards people like Andrew Tate.

  29. She should get the maximum sentence her victims would have faced, multiplied by the number of victims.

  30. National average for full time workers is around 40k

  31. If you include part time workers and don't take into account their pro-rata income, the average salary is around 30k. But measuring like for like, it is indeed around 40k.

  32. You could just dab some under your nose?

  33. Haha I like that you think privacy stops these people from following their urges.

  34. The article states 9 in 10 complaints made by female members of the public about their treatment by the police result in no action.

  35. It states very clearly that the majority of these complaints originated from arrests.

  36. I'll be honest, if I was dead and buried here, it would have been some much welcomed excitement!

  37. Having read the article, seen the guys picture, I have no idea what you're talking about...

  38. Of course there is a reason. Namely they don't agree with trans people existing, but they know if they say that out loud it makes them bigots.

  39. Umm, most people just think that self identification makes it easier for male sex offenders to game the system. They're not saying that trans people are sexual deviants, just that the rules they want to impose carry inherent risks - as we've seen very clearly recently with male sex offenders trying to access women prisons.

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