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  1. The US military of today is strong as a deterent. Along with NATO and our NATO-aligned partners in Asia, this helps to keep today's imperialist autocrats at bay. We've seen North Korea contained, Chinese expansionism kept in check, Iranian proxies countered, and now a much weaker democratic nation armed to the teeth on our dime, absolutely crippling the Russian military in armed conflict.

  2. Shoah has like 7 hours of supplements. By the way, the interview with the Red Cross guy that visited Auschwitz is fascinating. So is the interview with the Polish resistance fighter that warned Roosevelt about the ongoing liquidation of the ghettos when the concept of the Holocaust was just hushed rumors.

  3. Have you heard of the movie Crash, because you are REALLY going to enjoy it.

  4. Autumn Sonata and It's Such a Beautiful Day are both tearjerkers for sure.

  5. Whiplash is one of those movies that is accessible to even your non-cinephile friends. I've yet to meet a person who isn't completely spellbound by the last 10 minutes of that film. This really ought to be in the collection.

  6. You’re meeting me now. I didn’t like the movie and especially didn’t care for the last 10 minutes

  7. Technically, he was a pallbearer after that munition went off.

  8. Shoah. The most horrifying piece of film I’ve ever seen.

  9. The Sonderkommando, Filip Muller, describing being so broken hearted by a group of his fellow Czech Jews defiantly singing their national anthem outside the gas chamber, that he tried to join them in being gassed.

  10. L'avventura, La Notte, & L'ecclise. Any film trilogy that serves Delon, Mastroianni, Moreau, & Vitti can't miss the mark.

  11. I can see you're a fellow Alain Delon enjoyer, so I'd recommend La Piscine or Le Cercle Rouge.

  12. Yikes, what freak died and left that mix to Goodwill?

  13. Maybe. It's clearly Jenkins' first film and neither of the main characters are all that likeable, but it's a good glimpse of how to make a film with virtually no resources, and the conversation they get into is worthwhile.

  14. Take out "Jenkins'" and this is a passable definition of Withnail & I.

  15. The shot of the car and her body underwater ... the suddenness of it ... gets me every time.

  16. excited American sqeals, closely followed by round chambering sounds

  17. This is going to sound batshit crazy to you in your current heartbroken state, but 10 years from now, you may well struggle to recall this girl's name. That's how effective time can be.

  18. I was with a girl that had exorcism-like orgasms. So that is an experience that some women legitimately have. It scared the hell out of me the first time it happened.

  19. I'm not gay, and I've done this before when asked. It's the eroticism of someone wanting you.

  20. Yeah it's fucked, don't think he qualified as much of a threat wounded and alone.. Was it even a cost-effective use of 3 grenades? They killed a kid out of hatred and to send a message, etc. Then they make fun of his death.

  21. Yeah, the audio was tasteless. This was probably made by some 19 year old kid who's so desenzitised by war that he can't even see why the editing is morally fucked.

  22. From our POV, yes, I agree. But from theirs? You don't know what they have been through. If an invading army killed a family member of mine, I honestly can't say what I would turn into. So yeah, from our perspective, it is important to remember the humanity, but I'm not going to judge any Ukrainians right now.

  23. I'm not judging whoever made this, I'm worried about them. Worried about how much of this they're going to carry into their post-war existence.

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