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  1. My god...they gave GUNTHER the fucking Emerald Flowsion. Now everyone will die even harder.

  2. I was wondering why that move looked so familiar. Gunther for Eternal Forever Intercontinental Champ.

  3. I need a counter on how many titles AEW has/borrows.

  4. "You guys want ppv level matches just thrown together on a show with no build?"

  5. Surely they wouldnt fuck this up right? lol The Dynamite before the match Starks is doing a battle royale and no promos between the two at all. Just makes you worry.

  6. Not that dude's job to "make people less racist." That's the driver's problem, and he can deal with it on his own time. Y'all fuckin crazy

  7. Sounds like they’re both gonna be dealing with it on their own time after that broken windshield lmao

  8. That’s Simon by the tree. Also known as Honeydew, also known as the diggy diggy hole man

  9. Now I watched the shit out of some Beast Wars as a kid.

  10. Mikkelsen will be terrific lol

  11. I'll miss him and Man in a Mask together.

  12. I can tell you which one made me tear up…Aki it was Aki.

  13. Garcia back on my tv after his disappearing act.

  14. I appreciated it being different, but it was just so stupid lol

  15. “It wasn’t me! It was the no armed man!”

  16. And possibly also on drugs lol

  17. When Reigns turns on Sami, I want the Usos to side with him.

  18. When Roman finally jumps Sami and the whole Bloodline is stunned, I want it to be Jey to pull him off and question him.

  19. Mox or Max are putting their hands on Regal at the next Revolution. After Excalibur gives him the kiss of death.

  20. Roman is going to murder Sami in front of Jey and make him help.

  21. Jey hugging Sami just gave me chills.

  22. He fucking offered KO to Jey lol PERFECT

  23. Helps Jey up first-he will be the first to fall.

  24. Wonder if Roman gets pinned but Sami still wins it for the team?

  25. Somebody was watching the carnage from the darkness…

  26. Oh what the fuck, that's rad.

  27. Im so invested in this shit.

  28. Goddammit, Coleminers at the ready.

  29. I was so sick of The Authority and Roman being shoved down our throats, I wasnt enjoying the product as much anymore. Then this happened and I was on the edge of my freaking seat.

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