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  1. Wow, I really busted my ass this year and less then a month away from my MSA...I guess not.

  2. What do you mean you guess not? Your MSA is statutory and not connected to whether there is a surplus or deficit.

  3. Sorry I should’ve phrased that better. I meant when I get my MSA and we get a pay cut again I would essentially go back to what I was making before the MSA so it nullifies my salary progress, that is what I meant by I guess not.

  4. Gotcha!! That makes sense. Well I certainly hope that doesn’t happen.

  5. Wow was it always this bad? Was I just younger when I lived here in the early 2000’s and didn’t notice it?

  6. Bumblebff is great actually. I’ve been a travel nurse for the last 4 years and have met some of my best friends there.

  7. Seconding this. Not from my own personal experience but I do the Xoso bowling league, which has been a great way to meet new people. And many of the people I have played with (who I think are fun and interesting people) have met each other on bumblebff and become friends that way. I’m going to have to check it out.

  8. Don’t think these are holidays in which the state will get off. These probably have to be negotiated through unions or something before it’s official.

  9. The schools will observe Juneteenth as it is now in the California Education Code as a public holiday. The other two are not.

  10. School calendars are local decisions and vary from district to district. But even for those districts in which students are out by June 19 for summer, most schools have year round employees and this impacts those employees who work during the summer, summer school programs, etc.

  11. Wow, interesting article. Now I’ll have to buy the book. Lol.

  12. Yes, unions are involved. My union received a copy of the proposed telework policy for my agency and sent it to members for review and comment. I assume all unions with members employed at my agency received copies as well.

  13. I don’t get it exactly. There are no raises in year 3. The increase to the maximum salary range means if you are making the maximum in the range and weren’t getting MSAs anymore, now you will get the MSAs again. But if you aren’t at the cap, you don’t actually get any GSI at all under this contract. You would have gotten an MSA anyways. So this only benefits the people already making the most money in year 3. Am I misunderstanding?

  14. There won’t be any MSAs for those who have been at the top of the range for 12 or more pay periods, they just automatically get the top range. For others, if they aren’t at the top yet or just hit the top of the range (less than 12 months before), they would have MSAs until they hit the top.

  15. Thank you for the clarification. So it’s really most beneficial to those who have been making the most for the longest because they will actually get a 10% increase all at once in 2024? That’s interesting. I don’t not want all attorneys to get paid more but I am still not persuaded that something that primarily benefits those already making the most is something I am going to vote yes on. As you say, the bulk of folks in the unit are in the position to personally benefit from this so I guess they will vote yes.

  16. Not true. Not everyone at CDE has been given a laptop. I know people still having to use their personal computers.

  17. This is cool. Thanks for sharing. I always just figured it was some kind of magic happening back there. Until they reset wrong. Lol.

  18. I always thought all credit unions got paid a day early.. at least that’s what I heard everyone say before but I guess not.

  19. The credit union doesn’t pay you. The credit union, if you have direct deposit, and your credit union happens to be golden one, chooses to provide an advance on your anticipated salary as a benefit. No one gets paid early, it’s just them advancing you your salary in anticipation of you getting paid on the next payday and your direct deposit coming through.

  20. It’s highly unlikely the attorneys will be the group to strike.

  21. I experience something similar and it is due to a nerve at my neck being pinched. It flares up on occasion, and might be something for you to look into

  22. Same!! And mine flares up sometimes after knitting. Also after bowling. Sometimes even after holding a book for reading.

  23. The city also provides a roll of the bags

  24. Humbleroot accepts debit cards. I think they charge a fee for it. But I’ve paid using that multiple times. I don’t know about the vapes.

  25. Try sending them a message. They have a whole thing on their front page of their website about how debit cards are back. Maybe they just haven’t caught up on their checkout page. Worth asking. They have lots of contact methods.

  26. I was in a leg cast for a year and by the time I was completely out of it, that's what my foot looked like too. Super gross.

  27. You had to wear a cast for a year?! I just got out of a knee down cast for 6 and a half weeks and i thought that was torturous. Yikes, that must have been a wild ride.

  28. My mom had to cast everything on for me for months. I could get the hang of knitting fine but she must’ve retaught me how to cast on a hundred times. 😂

  29. Same. My mom used to cast off for me too. And the first time I learned to knit my mom and I lived on opposite sides of the country. So I couldn’t start or finish a project without going to visit her or her coming to visit me!!!

  30. Thank you so much. I understand, and will defenetly triple check next time.

  31. I did this myself the first time I knitted in the round…..and the second time!!!! I swear I was paying attention the second time but somehow it happened again. It has never happened since though.

  32. So, do the YO just as you would normally, but instead of leaving the tail in the back, bring it all the way forward. It will make a complete loop around your needle, instead of just half.

  33. Thank you! Yes, I was not making a complete loop around the needle. That’s what I missing I think. Thank you!

  34. Bring the yarn to the front of the work, then bring it over the needle from front to back, then bring it around to the front again.

  35. Like wrapping it around essentially? Thank you, that’s helpful. That’s what I was missing I think.

  36. I was able to see a doctor yesterday and have surgery set for Tuesday. I'm scared but hopefully it heals quickly

  37. I broke my ankle a month ago. Trimalleolar fracture. Had surgery. Plates and screws. It’s a long recovery process but things will slowly get better. Good luck to you!!

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