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  1. it should be 4.5mm right?

  2. but it would mean 4,5 cm, this must be wrong. this is the average testicle length and you would have this size as varicocele diameter? no, must be wrong.

  3. It's definitely not classic, but I would try the Iron. What is your Hbg?

  4. If you mean haemoglobin then my concentration is 123 g/l with a reference range of 115-160 so this is actually quite good for me

  5. Interesting. This whole time I thought you were anemic. Definitely should try to see a specialist

  6. Oh so would you have expected my haemoglobin to be slightly lower with the fact that my iron serum and transferrin saturation index are slightly lower out of the normal range then? So I do not have any iron deficiency anemia then? It’s all quite confusing to understand, especially when you don’t want your doctor to fob you off because they don’t know enough or care enough

  7. I want kids. Luckily my partner is Portuguese and we know that he does not carry beta thalassemia like I do. We both agreed that if he carried it or like sickle cell that we would not have kids. We’d have to consider other ways, like genetic testing or adoption etc. I find it annoying enough as it is just having beta thalassemia minor, I’d find it far to cruel the risk of having a kid with major. But that’s just me personally. I am glad that we are aware of our carrier status before trying for kids.

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