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  1. the psychologists and therapists are mediocre but if you manage to get referred to one of their psychiatrists, they're wonderful.

  2. How to say “I’m disgusting” in one pic and no words.

  3. fr. no way he didn't smell this ages ago.

  4. Dude I’m 43 and just about ready to wrap this party up. Immortality is gonna be a no for me

  5. Twenty years younger than you are and I'm in the same boat.

  6. when Lisa hugs her yearbook on the car ride home from the beach

  7. Flying a kite at night.

  8. Lisa's cool outfit in Summer of 4 ft 2.

  9. "It was the most I ever threw up, and it changed my life forever"

  10. that's a good idea! i didn't think about that LOL, if i remember correctly it's located in the admin building, right?

  11. Hear hear. Firsties this year are really getting on my nerves.

  12. Do you pay your own power bill and have a Site ID from your power provider (not a submeter)?

  13. Yes I pay my own, it's not communal power everyone pays as a part of rent or something, and we are recognized as an individual unit

  14. Yah you should be able to. You just might need your Site ID from your bill.

  15. You're a lifesaver!! Thank you so much for the PSA.

  16. Thank god my grandparents raised me so my sad miserable mom didn't fuck me over this way.

  17. Probably one of the Simpsons VA’s. I think Castellaneta could pull it off.

  18. That’s your fault for falling for a VPN to begin with.

  19. so proud of her for throwing out a disposable vape!! wow! brave!

  20. Fuck the haters. This is dope. You’re not gonna change someone’s life by saying “don’t smoke. Save for a house” ffs. Sometimes even for me, a dart really does just exactly what it needs to do

  21. plus 99% of the people who tell someone not to smoke are chronic alcoholics. liver cirrhosis is the new lung cancer, but "do as i say not as i do" amirite

  22. i love the pattern but i wish it wasn't a frog :(

  23. as long as everything else is in good standing, it shouldn't. it's one F, you wouldn't be the only person to graduate or apply to something else with an F on their transcript. you say it was a politics course, so i'm assuming it's only an option and not something that's a core requirement for your CS major.

  24. Welcome to the consequences of anonymity.

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