News from Tyral-

  1. Translation reads like the driver lost control, so it was an operator error instead of equipment failure?

  2. The reason is still unknown. It could have been ice on the streets at night. I dont want to give the operator the fault if its not proven.

  3. Could be. Damge is estimated at 2.5 Million Euros, and I don't think the truck alone costs more than ~0.5 million

  4. The damage to the truck with the special trailer is around 1 Million Euro and the damage to the tram is around 1.5 Million Euro. The tram wasnt new. It was build in 2009 and came back from a refurbishment.

  5. I work in a manufacturing plant that makes subway cars and they're like $1.5-$2 each. That's full build but based on how it fell I'd assume there was frame damage which would likely make this a total loss.

  6. And dont forget trams are heavier and built stronger than subway cars because they often drive with other other street traffic and have to protect the passengers in case of a collision.

  7. Tram is painted in the colours of VRN. Probably one of the new Skoda trams they ordered.

  8. The tram is owned by RNV which is a part of VRN. There are only 2 new Skoda trams testing at RNV at the moment. One 30m long and one 60m long but both are still white.

  9. Ob man von ihr Geld bekommt wenn man den Hoden unter das Kopfkissen legt?

  10. I would deleted the rule in

  11. Ich denke mal das war eine von Brammens Ratten

  12. I think Till Lindemann. He's the lead singer of Rammstein

  13. An ant. These little guys a strong af and sacrifice thenself for the collony

  14. I often tell people about my crazy art teacher I had at school. She would talk with people in the halls that arent there or think all policemen are just in a costume. She often wouldnt come to the lessons and even ran away when the directory came to check why she was so late to every lesson

  15. LU hat schon ein paar schöne Ecken. Wie z. B. die Walzmühle oder der Hauptbahnhof.

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