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  1. We can speed up the rebuild if you get the right players back

  2. They’re definitely gonna go hard for Dyson. They interviewed last years draft

  3. Vision 6'9 was working, why deviate and give teams a backup guard to blow by. What C was available, Poeltl price was 2 firsts.

  4. FVV literally broke down cause they didn’t have a backup guard. Claxton was close to being traded here. Those 2 positions were of need. Not another 6’9” dude

  5. It’s your product buddy. I hope you enjoyed that Walker Kessler masterclass live

  6. I trust Scottie at the free throw line at the of a game more than I do with Siakam

  7. I was going crazy last year arguing with you stupid fucks telling me it was a good trade

  8. Trading OG and GTJ while keeping Pascal and Fred would be nasty nasty work from the FO

  9. Can’t sit tight and assess when you’re core players are about to be free agents. This isn’t some young team where all players signed longterm

  10. If ur defensive scheme doesn’t work half the time and doesn’t work with majority of the players in the league, then maybe it’s time to change ur scheme 🤔

  11. Rudy Gay trade was supposed to be start of a tank for Wiggins. Lowry had his bags packed already and was waiting for his driver but Dolan backed out last minute. Demar said he was going to ask for a trade if Kyle got traded. The team was about to be blown up but they started winning

  12. Wasn’t worried about Gasol and Ibaka and look what happened

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