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  1. I felt a disturbance in the force when Smith came out to play it too far, that's just embarrassing.

  2. If you're requesting people to wear makeup and have a set of clothes solely for the purpose of making your business look good, then fucking provide the materials. Have makeup stations with makeup supplies. Give your employees enough uniforms so that they don't have to worry if they aren't able to do laundry, maybe even have it dry cleaned for them.

  3. Just cancel your membership and go to 24. They have more locations and it's cheaper now, plus they don't keep you away from certain locations like LAF does.

  4. Lmao at the Karen's ITT saying he needs a permit to sell, probably do the same thing to kids with lemonade stands

  5. Can anyone point me to a reputable site for purchasing tshirts? Everything else I see is either too good to be true or garbage. Redbubble and Etsy are pretty limited too.

  6. i mean, they locked themselves to the front of a banking business. of course they were going to be arrested, that's what they were trying to do to bring awareness. can't really blame lapd here.

  7. The fact that the LAPD thought it was absolutely necessary to activate a riot squad, close down streets, disrupt traffic, and waste time and money for 4 dudes in lab coats is ridiculous and incredibly infuriating. This could've been handled by at least 2 cops and a single squad car.

  8. thats not even a riot squad. those are senior officers trying to figure out what to do and wait for instructions about how to handle a situation that will have fallback no matter what. i dont think it could have been handled by 2 cops and a squad car because of the determination from the protesters. the closures prevented any poor interactions between the banks clients or customers and the protestors. boohoo you have to drive around the commotion

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