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  1. I would consider not buying a place that doesn't have a kitchen that is configured to your needs.

  2. It would not be acceptable to me. I get that the images showing drywall still needs finishing but the door trim on the outside not being the same width would tic me off.

  3. Technically real great job, but sorry, it's disturbing to me.

  4. That face made me laugh so much. Thanks

  5. Resistance to sliding the chairs on the floor is the problem. Bigger rug would help but no rug would not.

  6. Of course. Then one would switch to silicon- plastic sliders for use on the rug. Or Removing the rubber and changing to feltpads for bare floors. But first one type of flooring needs to be established.

  7. That’s frequently a problem with rugs under tables. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a big enough rug used and typically you are lucky if you can even get the back feet of the chair on the rug when you are sitting in the chair.

  8. Yes, it happens all the time. Because people don't think about it enough, I guess, or pay attention to all the rug sizing guides on every online site and in store. Lol. I was lucky that someone taught me about sizing rugs b e f o r e I bought one.

  9. I found this out a couple years ago. But do this only with great tasting organic heirloom tomatoes. Otherwise it's a waste of time and water.

  10. Actually, I did get some fruit, and it was big bush, but they were so bland. All the time spent to keep the bugs away and staking, watering wasn't worth it in end. But the ones from the farmers market tasted great, and I got a bunch of them. More worth the time and water.

  11. You broke a "pin" which is crimped on the wire, then inserted in a connector.

  12. When my inflammation gets bad it often will pinch a nerve causing annoying tingle sensation or worse - feels like I'm getting zapped by electricity.

  13. He says it's slippery and he needs help. I wish he used a heavy school book and learned how to cook instead.

  14. Obviously he's adverse to using any kind of muscles and lacks dexterity, so cooking is not an option. Lol. Sorry. I had one of these young-uns who at one time told me taking showers was too hard.

  15. Yep, it's frustrating... but we are extending the kitchen worktop up to the garden door (which is where the fridge was), it's a sacrifice but we need more counter space!

  16. Is it possible to to the nearest kitchen wall, where the short cabinet is?

  17. I would get a platform bed with storage drawers and possibly use a small shelf , like a picture rail over the bed as a night stand, instead of a headboard.

  18. I’m terrible with anything design and looking for some guidance. I know I need a rug because the tile is freezing but I’m not sure what colors would look good. I thought maybe a darker grey / back would look nice but I’m worried it’ll look like Halloween with the orange tile. Any ideas are appreciated.

  19. The tile color reminded me of a southwest vibe.. So maybe do an image search of southwestern decor to get complimentary color ideas.

  20. Changing your diet and exercise is great going forward but doesn't offer immediate relief . Do you have medical Marijuana dispensaries nearby? Send a good friend over to request some gummies that will diminish the pain without getting you stupid high. Was so much help for me, allowed me to sleep again and tolerate the waiting until I got on the right meds to control this RA.

  21. Thank you so much for taking the time and sharing your thoughts! Definitely am a friend of the gummies. Do you have any specific brand recommendations. I am a frequent user of edibles but mostly recreationally rather then for pain management. I’m trying really hard not to spiral and stay positive but yea your right calling it a dark place is overly polite!

  22. I sent my husband to the dispensaries and he spoke the "bud-ologist" ,lol. They recommended a couple of different varieties. Something with purple in the name was a good moderate one. I'm out and I can't remember the full name. Also use "heavy hitters" 20mg thc per piece for sleep. Gotta warn ya, I only need quarter or less of a piece as I'm climbing into bed. I'm on meds that finally work now and enjoying the life that I missed out on for 2 yrs. Be sure to get to a rheumatologist asap.

  23. Such a thing exists? Commenting here to find out the answer. Thx op fir asking

  24. Here's my advice, someone who tried living with "trees that belong in a forest or park, not in a residential yard"; checkout your local codes for tree removal and start a tree removal savings fund. I tried, but after 15 years I gave up and started cutting some down. Wish I hadn't waited so long and wasted all those years and energy to make it work. Replace them with a gazebo and some city friendly trees. Or fruit trees.

  25. Finger swelling comes and goes. Swelling usually lasts a few weeks. Only painful when o try and bend it in the morning.

  26. If it's gets better throughout day, I would suspect osteoarthritis. That's basically arthritis brought on by usage through the years. And yes it does appear like the beginnings of arthritis.

  27. Got it. Then it’s definitely painted. Yep, it’s somewhat remodeled. Living room - 2 walls are exterior. There are a couple spots with paint test strips…do you just leave them and paint right over?

  28. I recommend taking the time to do primer coat first, then put your color on. You can't wrong with the paint coverage that way. (A lesson I learned the hard way) The paints that claim "paint and primer in-one" only works well with like colors and clean walls.

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