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  1. Try paxlovid if possible, but it only would reduce the chances of long COVID by 5-20 percent based on the latest Nature data from Al Aly.

  2. I am confused. Does this man not have a penis?

  3. It’s hard to find an elastomerics that will do well in all 3 metrics: comfort, low moisture, and not much muffling.

  4. Desktop > your sub home page > scroll down left menu to Mod Tools > in side bar, chose Rules

  5. There have been two posts that weren’t yours. It doesn’t seem overwhelming.

  6. I’m just scared it will get a million people. I’m still 13, so I’m not sure I can handle that

  7. Excellent advice above. Another upgrade is adding safety goggles. Here’s a sporty version:

  8. I really hate when they ask property managers and realtors about this. I’m not saying that parts of what they’re saying aren’t true but they’re not economists. They’re businessmen.

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