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  1. Meera is the nastiest bitch ever, If I hear anyone in this villa say she's so sweet again, I'll throw uppp 🤮

  2. I thought that if you stuck, Alfie would just come back alone or something, but no, they need their artificial drama so much that they completely disregard their OWN rules 😔

  3. Even if that's the case, they could still design her somewhat similarly like they did with Laurie Strode.

  4. miles/jasper, erikah, jakub, hope, noah, lottie, iona, and dylan.

  5. they annoyingly split the recoupling into different episodes and then had the nerve to ask this?

  6. They already did that with Finn's choice man I hate it, it makes no sense 😔

  7. the fact you can wear it as swimwear 😳💀

  8. To be fair I said no to Dana and she still came after me ☠️ maybe you can get away with it...

  9. You're pfp is gorgeous just wanted to say! 😍 And yeah me neither, is there anyone who is? Where are yall cause I don't see you 👀😔

  10. 30 gems?! For one thing? They really out here thinking they're doing something huh? Like we don't have better things to spend our money on 🙄

  11. i was thinking about asking someone on the sub when they got released but i was embarrassed bc i thought it was super simple so i assumed we were all restarting the season💀

  12. If we'd all have to restart the entire thing, I'm not sure how many people would still be playing, not even to see how bad it gets 😭

  13. the fact that they not only ask three times but CHANGE THE BUTTON ORDER to trick you into spending gems bc you're trying to get through this stupid gimmick by automatically clicking where you expect the "no" button to be

  14. I actually spent gems because of that once and it legit felt like they robbed me

  15. Bei mir auf der Arbeit sind lauter Türken die Erdogan verehren und meinen er soll uns schwache Europäer endlich mal zeigen dass die Türken das Sagen haben. Kumpel von mir, der in die Maturaschule geht, ist nur von Kanaken (so bezeichnen die sich selbst voller Stolz) umgeben, die die wenigen Österreicher als niederes Volk bezeichnen. Generell ernte ich feindseelige Blicke von diesen Gruppierungen aus jungen Männern mindestens 1x am Tag. Einmal eine Auseinandersetzung nachdem mich einer anrempelte, in der der "starke Mann" nach kürzester Zeit laut um Hilfe geschrien hatte. Witzigerweise hat die Security sich nur um ihn gekümmert, ich konnte gehen. Es war wohl allein von der Kleidung und der Sprache mehr als offensichtlich, wer der Aggressor war..^ Alles in allem fühle ich mich wie eine Minderheit im eigenen Land. Natürlich würde ich nie so weit gehen die Fpö zu wählen, doch fällt es mir dich immer schwerer den Hass runterzuschlucken

  16. Sehe ich auch immer wieder und ich habe es ehrlich gesagt auch satt als ausländerfeindlich bezeichnet zu werden, weil ich ein Problem damit habe, dass die hier geradezu einen auf Übernahme machen wollen. Grundsätzlich hätte ich kein Problem mit denen, wenn sie einem mit Respekt begegnen und man sieht ja hin und wieder, dass es möglich ist. Sind ja nicht alle so zum Glück!

  17. She can dish it out, but can't take anything in return eh? I hate how she's portrayed as "oh she just goes after what she wants" NO man she's a bitch and a bully and a clown most of all 🤮

  18. Definitely peeped the lack of support from my fellow women this volume. Can't say I'm surprised.

  19. Especially Dana jumping at her after five seconds after supposedly being the "supportive" friend. Don't even try to talk to me anymore..


  21. This season is a torture, is just that, is made to punish being queer. Is also sexist and awful in general. But is crazy how fusebox dares to make the only female love interest cheat on you twice after almost hooking up with the ex that already cheated on you. As if it’s not enough that a person with a cheating trauma, is cheated again by the girl she is with, she also cheats with the girl the original guy who cheated on you cheated with. Dana is made not only to not care about Mc but also to torture her, and make her relive her trauma while treating her like trash, and insulting her constantly, as if she is not the one who cheated.

  22. It's actually ridiculous af how Dana was acting all caring when the first dumping was announced. You wanted to keep MC to what? Traumatize her beyond what she already experienced? Bitch, you don't give a single fuck about MC stop pretending because no one's buying it

  23. I'm curious about what Dana did if you went her route! How are things now? We've remained friends when I didn't choose her haha

  24. I'm not on her route, but I've heard she cheats with Eddie like Alfie does with Kat. Blames MC like he did too. Also apparently still wants us tho, but oh look new bi girl in the picture let's hoe again ☠️ Sidenote: I've shown zero romantic interest in her and she's STILL on me... (Bi irl she's just trash)

  25. So half the season being horrible to read and being treated like trash with no meaningful choices is justified by the other half being different? Nah bestie, I don't think so. Idk how to tell you this, but If half your game is a horrible trainwreck, most people that wait for more are only doing it to see how bad it gets 😭 I don't even trust it.

  26. This gives budget drag queen that didn't have an outfit ready and then panicked and made this crap

  27. The mirror shard outfit broke me. And I mean that sincerely 😭 Don't tell me how ugly I look in my default clothes when THIS is what you pick out and say it's gorgeous...

  28. As a survivor main, without motivated killers there is no game. The game is supposed to be scary and difficult. Keep killers scary.

  29. It makes literally zero sense to have the ability to go from dying to injured be basekit, but you gotta bring a perk to self heal from injured to healthy. Where's the sense of danger huh?

  30. If you're talking about only for auric cells, DBD devs said every non-licensed outfit will be made available for iridescent shards over time :D

  31. They most likely mean sets that you can't equip the individual pieces of, and combine with others

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