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  1. Off we go on our last journey (for now) to the northern coast of Scotland and Thurso, home to Wolfburn distillery who are ever closer to releasing a 10 year age statement single malt.

  2. Ok sorry not to add anything helpful here but did you make this image or is this a filter?

  3. Both. The app I use is called prisma. It's some kind of AI processing.

  4. Funny how that happens sometimes, makes you wonder if we had different batches.

  5. That makes sense, I think we all have good and bad days with our palate. I try not to have samples on days I'm not feeling it or feeling a little rough but that seems to vary a lot too.

  6. I find that if I leave it too late in the evening, my taste and smell faculties are shot.

  7. Review No. 38: Ben Nevis 9 Year, Single Malts of Scotland

  8. From my own limited single grain experience - Strathclydes have been hitters at a similar age. If I find myself another wine cask Invergordon though I will still blind buy in on them.

  9. I think we spoke about our good run of Strathclydes before. They've been good to me too.

  10. You never know what’s you’ll get with these whiskies.

  11. I'd take more risk on the own brand supermarket bottles if they had even 3% more abv.

  12. This and the aurora have certainly been worth a try and I am eyeing the langskip as well. But I guess we will have to wait a few more years before we can really assess their quality as a distillery.

  13. Absolutely, knowing how much they're doing things by hand including bottling themselves has me very much optimistic about 10+ year releases.

  14. Agreed. Doing things "the right way" endears the whole enterprise and keeps my interest. That 10 year release is hotly anticipated.

  15. Which is everyone's favorite Johnnie Walker whisky?

  16. I haven't had one I cared for, but I LOVE me some Dailuaine!

  17. Nice, what are some of your favorites?

  18. The Cask Strength is a fantastic bottle. Been savoring mine for a while now because it's something I am unlikely to find often in my neck of the woods. Was surprised just how well it stacked up against some pretty heavy hitters like PC10, Correyvreckan and Laphroaig CS (personal fav).

  19. I was tempted by this, but it was the abv that turned me off. I feel like Rye really needs that extra alcohol too.

  20. Do distillers do this to stretch how many bottles they can get from one barrel? Or why go so low? They obviously made a decision to do so.

  21. Never Heard of this distillery. Sounds quite interesting what they are doing. Thank you for the Review.

  22. Wow, you Love to see someone push the boundries. Especially for people like us, who enjoy their gimmicky whiskies a bit too much:D

  23. Hi Scotch, recently I picked up a few samples of Wolfburn single malt so I'm going to do a small series reviewing them, this is the first.

  24. I just got two wolfburn samples (Batch 318 & Kylver series Batch 4), but this isn't one of the bottles I picked up.

  25. I got those two samples as well, thought I'd try a couple of their standard offerings first though as a baseline.

  26. I've had the Langskip and Aurora already, and neither blew me away, but I quite liked the Langskip.

  27. Irish whisky in rum casks have a certain magic to them. They pair so exceptionally well together that I wonder why aren't there more of it.

  28. This is the first one I've come across, but I'll be on the lookout from here on.

  29. Great review, thank you. It's nice to read that this is a lot better than bushmills own rum cask finish :D

  30. Where do you usually get samples from? I’ve been looking at the spirit co., curious if there are better options.

  31. I get most from Master of Malt as they have weekly sample sales, but how good value these bottles are will depend mostly on where you are and the shipping.

  32. Good review, sounds like a nice balanced one. I still need to try Craigellachie!

  33. Ooh, mate! I'd say make it a priority. 13 is a near perfect whisky. IMO, it's up there with the Springbank 10 as one of the great OBs.

  34. I did, along with a few other various samples, I'm guessing we both did? Always a good way to try new bottles without buying a full size.

  35. I buy at least 5 sale samples from MoM a month. I can't break the habit.

  36. I could probably drive to Glasgow in 9 hours and pay slightly more than what I already do.

  37. Introduction: Hello everyone! Back with the final review of the Kilkerran heavily peated series of the stuff I have on the shelf. I reviewed batches #1, #4, #5, and #6 all on the same shelf so I could compare them all to each other. This was my favorite of the ones i've tried, maybe because of the extra Sherry influence (which you can see in the color).

  38. I like that Mackmyra does all of these slightly weird releases. Not all of them work, though.

  39. Same here, I am all down for some funky experiments!

  40. It seems like the younger non-scotch distilleries are really having a go at being at the cutting edge of this movement, and they should all be applauded.

  41. Oh wow! And you got the first bottle of the first run.

  42. I know, definitely a special bottle. I thought about saving it and not opening, but I thought the very first bottle of a first run of a new distillery should be opened and reviewed for the world to enjoy.

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