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  1. I wish there was a way for cameras to better depict how fast these cars are running. They’re doing 180 on the front stretch at Charlotte but it looks like 140.

  2. This kind of shit is exactly why I haven’t played much comp this season. Not worth any of the frustrations to just see it constantly tank

  3. I started getting into it at the beginning of the season. Went 5-3, Gold 1, next set was 5-1 and down to gold 3. That was enough for me

  4. The average person can learn basic handgun use in a few hours. OP doesn't need to become a marksman. She doesn't need to learn combat shooting. She needs to learn basic drills, stance, and become comfortable with the weapon. This happens in a few hours. Will she need to have range time to keep the skills fresh? Sure. But its hours, not months.

  5. Not to mention that most self defense shootings happen <5 feet away. You don’t exactly need to be a great shooter to hit that.

  6. Best home defense weapon anyone could buy imo. If you can point it and pull the trigger you can defend yourself with one with the right load

  7. we’re the most educated, get paid less, have little to no hope in our future as elder adults, therefore it’s harder to exploit Gen Z. Either they will just quit or are not willing to be exploited.

  8. It's become fairly common in Canada, I had a 2008 Malibu that had flashing side markers and most new cars have signals built into the side mirror enclosures, but from what I've read it's not required by law. Similar situation with amber rear turn signals, US regs allow rear turn signals to be red, sharing the brake light bulb, some cars have this bare minimum, other's have a separate amber signal.

  9. In my experience it seems to be a higher trim option. I could have gotten them on my 2018 RAV4, but I would’ve had to get the XLE or higher.

  10. That's a weird differentiating feature, unless the trim levels were made in different facilities. Like the base/mid trim are made domestically, but the top-trims were imported from a facility that primarily manufactures euro-spec vehicles.

  11. AFAIK all of the RAV4s in my generation were made in Japan or Canada. It could be that but my guess is it was still when Toyota was ~10 years behind technologically and cut stuff like that out of the base trim. Love that car though, bought it on my 19th birthday with 24k and 2 and 1/2 years and 40k miles later it’s a trooper.

  12. I play a lot of Reaper and I like using his ult to win duels. It has the added effect of tilting the person you ult.

  13. Yes. I use the official app, have used it the entire time I’ve had my account, but fuck Reddit for fucking over their entire user base trying to fatten up the company before their IPO.

  14. I agree. Jail is supposed to be for rehabilitation not punishment. Once you have served your time, you should be restored. If they havent been rehabilitated, they should stay in jail.

  15. I had just gotten my PS4 for Christmas that year. I saw an ad during a NYE football game and figured why the hell not. Regretted it at first because I had no clue what I was doing but once I got to the Police Station with Danse I was hooked.

  16. Absolutely the scratches and mud. I love off roading, but this is so immersion breaking. T series remaster is very needed too

  17. Tire marks already kill FPS after a certain point, I can’t even imagine what simulating scratches is gonna do to my poor PC

  18. BeamNG with iRacing’s tire model and multiplayer is my wet dream, but I’m not sure the average gamer’s PC is strong enough to run a full lobby on Beam just yet

  19. the beam multiplayer mod works pretty well with reasonable sized lobbies around 10-15 players but it would be great if it were a standard feature. Agree that the tire model still needs more work - especially with thermals.

  20. The thing with BeamMP is that in its current state I don’t see many people having PCs powerful enough to run with more than 8-10 people in a race. It’s definitely possible with everything you said + somehow decreasing the performance hit MP suffers from. (At its simplest level, each AI = 1 cpu core, and the MP mod uses your telemetry to control it.)

  21. The official reddit app is more like a regular social media than what many people use reddit for. Many more intrusive ads, "recommended" content and not just the subs you've joined, a bloated interface, and (from what I have experienced) slower load times for content than third party apps

  22. I use the official app and just want to add I think videos have been halfway broken on here since the app came out.

  23. If we could inject someone with leprosy, I’d love to study the way the human body breaks down using him as a guinea pig

  24. With the impending doom that reddit has initiated, finding new mods is going to be difficult. A lot of subs are going dark in solidarity.

  25. Should that be what the community wants, that’s what’ll happen. I still think there’s enough of us who want this sub to come back for 2-3 new mods.

  26. Not the same logic lol. Losing a QP match doesn’t have the same consequence as losing in ranked.

  27. Never understood the thought process of “it’s qp, it doesn’t matter”. Mf I’m not playing video games to lose and the ranking system for comp is absolutely broken 😭

  28. Exactly I’m not switching off any heroes in qp. They can get upset all they want.

  29. You know, a buddy of mine said that the gang would break you out of jail. Got arrested several times and Arthur literally sits in the jail cell each time. Guess that's what I get for being high honor Arthur.

  30. I played through RDR2 on PS4 when it first came out and I’m about 40% of the way through my first PC play through. I’ve only had the gang bust me out once and that was close to launch.

  31. Need someone to tuck you in? Need someone to tuck you in? Need someone to tuck you in? Need someone to tuck you in?

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